Alberto Bocanegra Jr. Chicago 12th Ward Video

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On January 8, 2007, Alberto sat down with famous Chicago Attorney Frank Avila, to outline the issues in his ward. Chicago 12th Ward has many concerns, please click here to watch video: I am very happy the Aldermanic races include many fresh faces. Chicago Alderman a.k.a. “Ho’s” are fighting tooth and nail to kick political freshman off the ballot. Enjoy Issue Forum Chicago Clout series. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. well i know very little about this whole voting for the peoples ward alermans but i hav heard mrs sanchez mr bocanegra n the other candidates but i dont remember their name but i do remember of every candidates vote i if i could vote i would vote for mr bocanegra its not about whos the bad guys or the good guy but it is about someone that will take power and help us the people there is a large amount of problems an a major is the streets. they are not safe . why because there a bunch of young youth out there doin nothing but bad and killing each other and innocents lives and i know that alberto will change this he will help us now and for the future because the future is those young youths you see in the streets in jail ruining their lives and takin others with them he will help everyone i believe he can make a difference a great huge diffence to everyone . keep the great effort mr bocanegra and remember if you believe and put all your might you shall suceed

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