Frank Avila, Jesse Granato, Chicago's 26th Ward Candidate

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Frank Avila hosted “Election 2007” January 8, 2007. Mr. Avila’s guest was Mr. Jesse Granato, an Aldermanic Candidate for Chicago’s 26th Ward. Please watch video, click here: This is part of Issue Forum Chicago Clout. Please contact Jesse Granato at 1-312-316-6646, or visit his web site, click here: I hope all of you Chicago Political types contact us if you want your voice heard. Patrick McDonough.

7 Replies to “Frank Avila, Jesse Granato, Chicago's 26th Ward Candidate”

  1. Maybe we should give Granato a second chance.
    He seems like he did some good. He seems like he is really sorry and changed for any communication problems.

  2. Frank Avila is the reason Granato is out of a job. Did Granto pay him to appear on his show?

    Those same 50% that used to be represented by Granato will vote against him again!

  3. Granato had some bad staff and personal problems but he was actually a very good alderman. He worked hard and is a big reason the old 1st ward is the development and infrastructure great it is.

    Avila may have got rid of Granato but I bet he is regretting it after Manny Flores screwed him and backstabbed him faster than anyone in politics. Manny Flores looks good but is rotten inside. He used Avila.

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