Patrick McDonough and Chicago's Hydrant Crew assist Major Fire

January 9, 2007. Thanks to Chicago’s Central District Hydrant Truck, water was supplied to this major fire. 1300 West Exchange. Also great leadership by Central District Assistant Superintendent Kavanaugh. Chicago Stockyard fire assisted by brave Chicago Water Department Heroes, John, Tyrone, John H. “Chief”, and Patrick “Deep Water” McDonough. Nice job, watch video, click here: Just another day for Department of Water Management Heroes. Also click here for Channel 7 report: Channel 2 News story, click here: Patrick McDonough.

5 Replies to “Patrick McDonough and Chicago's Hydrant Crew assist Major Fire”

  1. They should name Patrick McDonough the IG, he would do a great job.

    McDonough also helped improve safety with shoring and also getting rid of sleaze like Briatta the Daley family mob inlaws.

  2. Ohhh Patty, I talked to a buddy of mine on CFD who worked that fire. He said that you water dolts took a 20 minute break when they needed you to get some more water pressure.

    I thought you guys were heroes? Do heroes take breaks?

  3. Dan,
    Do you have a job?
    Did your dad not love you enough?
    Why are you such a racist?
    Did some big black Tyrese looking guy take your high school girlfriend?

    Only you could diminish good work in helping others.

    Only you could defend Jon Burge and torture.

  4. LOL. Yes I have a job. My dad loved me just find. I’m not a racist. And I don’t think I’d date a girl who would date a guy named “Tyrese”.

    Diminish good work in helping others? Let’s get to the point:

    Your boy Patrick, self-proclaimed hero, is expecting a pat on the back because he operated a fire hydrant while real firemen and real police were doing real heroics. In almost the same exact breath you soulless pugs are out there running your yap about the terrible fire department and the racist police department.

    It is positively duplicitous to – with a straight face – make vast proclamations about the heroics of a $28.00 an hour water boy, whilst piss on the careers of thousands of police officers whom you dub ‘racist’ simply because they performed acts that you disapprove of.

    And while we’re being honest, try to curtail your fake outrage over the Burge thing. You and I both know that you wouldn’t be half as upset as you are if you hadn’t been denied your Daley Money Shot. The Jon Burge Fiasco has always been about gimps like you getting to the mayor. Hell, neither of you could find Area 2 if you had GPS and a map.

    I find it infinitely amusing that for all the calls of ‘racist’, the biggest race baiters are the Daley Hater crowd.

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