Frank Avila, Harold "Noonie" Ward Candidate Chicago's 9th Ward Video

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The series Election 2007 is hosted by Frank Avila a famous Chicago Attorney and Political Analyst. One of his guests on January 8, 2007 was Harold “Noonie” Ward. Harold is a Candidate for Chicago’s 9th Ward. Watch video, click here: A movie named “Gangster with a Heart of Gold” is based on the Noonie G. Story. It was narrated by Kayne West and Common. Please contact Mr. Ward at 1-773-724-1805. Elect someone that knows what the problems are in the 9th Ward. Photo by Patrick MCDonough.

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  1. hey Noonie I just want to say thanks for the donation to my Ministry. God is good how he put us next to each other an ex Latin King and an ex Disciple talking how we have changed our lives all to the glory of God and moving on with our lives.stay up and keep looking to the cross in Christ Ruben

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