Salman Aftab Chicago's 50th Ward Candidate

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Make sure to watch Salman Aftab as he is interviewed by Frank Avila, a famous Chicago Attorney and Political Analyst. Pictured with Aftab is Mr. Randall Sherman a Chicago Political genius. Randall does not want Bernard Stone to be re-elected as Alderman Stone will, “Hand the 50th Ward to Stone’s daughter. Randall knows politics and this is a Chicago trend. Please watch these two videos if you live in Chicago and make sure to watch if you live in the Chicago’s 50th Ward. Video one, click here: Video two, click here: Well 50th Ward, at least Salman is giving his views. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

9 Replies to “Salman Aftab Chicago's 50th Ward Candidate”

  1. Salman seems like a decent guy, but he doesn’t have a hope in hell of beating Bernie Stone in that ward.

  2. Mr. Aftab is a meathead. He has know formal training or experience in politics; his education is suspect as he never provides us with his background; he claims that he is the editor of some Afghan news service, the Director of IT at a consulting firm as well as a journalist. How on earth do you juggle such hectic activities!? Furthermore, I have yet to see anything that he’s written with a byline credited to him from a respectable media outlet.

    He proposes a lot of solutions to the growing issues in and around West Devon, but doesn’t support it with corroboration. His suggestion to improve schools and diminish gang activity is stating the obvious. Who doesn’t want to provide that for their children? But how do you plan on paying for the expenses? One would assume that if you went to his website, you would receive legitimate answers. But there isn’t anything except the same old slop on his visions and dreams. In addition, he has an arrest record as well as instigating verbal and physical altercations a dozen times, i.e. Pakistan Independence Day in Arlington Heights, Summer 2006.

    This man is clearly an idiot if he thinks he can just waltz into this campaign and assume that the honest people of West Rogers park are going to pick someone who moved to this country just 10 years ago. Honestly people, is this someone who you want to represent you in the community ? I think not.

  3. He can decrease gang crime on Devon
    if he institutes Shar’ia law and cuts off the hands of thieves, castrates rapists, makes women wear Burqa, and whips gang members

    also a return to spirituality and traditional family values

  4. I am impressed that Salman wants to decrease property taxes and opposses the stupid aldermanic pay raise.

  5. I think Salman will be great for the 50th ward. With such a diverse area with need diversity in our office as well. If we are not happy with what we have we should do something to change it.

  6. This man has pure hate towards Alderman Stone. His website is dedicated to his demise. I think that no-class pandoo is so interested in putting down Stone that he’s not thinking about the race nor any of the issues that the 50th is struggling with. And that concerns me because I’m a resident of 50.

  7. I personally do not think he will be any good to the 50th ward. Bernard Stone is already a problem by only focusing on Devon ave. and the Jewish community. Not trying to insult just posting my oveservation of whom gets the goods in our ward. Aftab would most likely be doing the same thing for devon since they are his “people”. No-Go for Aftab on this end.

  8. Did anyone read this man’s Alermaic questionairre ? I don’t understand why he’s supporting gambling as a stream of revenue in Chicago and halfway houses and shelter in the 50th ward. If anything, both of those establishments will diminish the standard of living! Shelters and halfway houses are parasaites to a neighborhood. They lower the residential value and become facets for drug use and prostitution. Does he not get this ? Please sned this man away……..

  9. Salman Aftab has a criminal record which reflects numerous violent incidents against innocent civilians. He escaped conviction for the murder of Paul Varda, a young Chicago Assyrian, Aftab’s brother also beat the rap by fleeing to Pakistan. Aftab boasts about how he beat the rap regularly in nighttime cabbie eateries, by day he dons a suit and tries to mix with Chicago politicians. He has a history of domestic abuse which his ex wife is afraid to talk about for fear of consequence. This guys is a Muzzamil Siddiqui in the making – (the supposed upright Muslim who recently beheaded his wife). In the face of all the history on this piece of garbage, his community are weaklings, too busy vying for fame, too impotent to shut this guy down once and for all. And when he finally does get caught for brutually maming or killing someone, the same community will act so surprised and shocked and say they never knew. Salman Aftab prostelatizes out of one corner of his mouth, preaching against the non-muslims at night with the cabbies, beats women, stabs homosexuals, slanders any person who dares to stand up to them, and by day he kisses the suits asses.

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