Carina Sanchez Alderman of Chicago's 12 Ward? Yes!

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Please enjoy this video so you can learn about a very well educated community leader that wishes to become the next Chicago 12th Ward Alderman. Please click here to see video: Carina Sanchez also on January 2, 2007 found out she received the coveted endorsement from the Illinois Committee for Honest Government. Special thanks to Tony Joyce for getting this video on line. Frank Avila hosted the “Election 2007” series. Please go to Carina Sanchez’s web site, click here: Or call Carina at 1-773-376-7214 Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Please remember that Jesus G. Salazar, an attorney and community organizer, is also running for alderman of the 12th ward. Mr. Salazar is the president of the 12th Ward Democratic Community Organization.

  2. Seems like Ms. Sanchez has captured the upper hand amongst the opponents. Interesting observation. If I were Carina I would try and convince the others to dropout out of the race in order to avoid a run off. That would send a strong message to HDO and Daley. Ms. Sanchez is definitely the front runner in this race. Especially if the unions back her.

  3. Jesus Salazar has been campaigning since March 2006. He has walked the ward and met the voters. He right now is the front runner.

  4. Tomas….hate to break it to you but Ms. Sanchez has been working in the ward/communities since 2000. All I know is that Salazar is an what? That doesn’t mean squat. Actions speak louder than words and Ms. Sanchez’ actions dwarf that of Salazar who just started a few months ago. But Salazar is not important nor the focus, the focus is Cardenas. I don’t understand your logic of bashing an opponent and not Cardenas. If you worked on Torres’ campaign I can see why he lost.

  5. Sanchez may have ward for her ward in Pilens but Bocanegra is the Native son of the 12th Ward and has fought for the 12th ward and all over the city Mr. Salazar doesn’t even live the the 12th ward. And my Sanchez doesn’t reflex the residents of the 12th ward Bocanegra is going to suprise ever one and Mr Bocanegra is the Director OF(DURO) Democracy Under Reform Organiztion. People love him here in the 12th ward and has fought for the little people. Bocanegra was very involved in the making the pro immgration marches possible he is a member of the March 10th Committee. Bocanegra is the only candidate to ever confront the Alderman time and time again he feel more pressure from Bocanegra then any other candidate. Carina Sanchez might get support for former 12th Ward Alderman Frias which he use to be a HDO candidate until Frias didn’t see eye to eye with Vicotr Reyes and told Frias the time is up.

  6. Just a reminder that no one in our campaign has mentioned any other candidate except the incumbent Cardenas. We are running a positive campaign focused on the issues that we face as 12th ward residents. Mr. Salazar held a press conference last week on January 10, 2007 to expose Cardenas’ illegal tactics. The video of the press conference is available in Google video- enter Jesus G. Salazar. For more info or to join the campaign call 773-890-9492.

  7. What kind of candidate losers have myspace profiles like jesse iniguez and that Bocanegra guy..I guess when you resort to myspace to get votes, thats a pretty sad day in politics.

  8. I was referred to this site by a friend. I live in the 12th Ward and Ms. Sanchez has my vote! She personally knocked on my door and I was pleasantly impressed by her professional demeanor. Her issues that she is running on hit home. Good luck Ms. Sanchez! You have my vote, plus my family’s vote, total of 11 votes.

  9. Actually, I think that using myspace is very creative. I commend Iniguez and Bocanegra for using creative methods in order to attract young voters. Thats more than I can say about the other candidates!

    Jesse Iniguez you have my vote and my family’s. He knocked on my door and was very professional. We need young blood with no ties to curruption!

  10. Its nice to see that Bocanegra is using MySpace for votes but what does it say about him when he has “friends” that are listed who are in JAILS and are GANG LEADERS? I thought an alderman was suppose to FIGHT CRIME not honor it. There is an OLD SANE “TELL ME WHO YOU HANG AND WHO YOUR FRIEND WITH AND I’LL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE!” The only person that is capable of bring up the 12th ward is Cardenas! He has the experience and vision for our neighborhood.

  11. Cardenas has my vote. His ability to deal with the mayor will continue to benefit our community. Alot of trash is being talked about him, without any good examples. The only examples that are brought up can be blamed on only Cardenas so I am with him.

  12. Poncha y Josefina, Obviously you support Chicago Clout. Cardenas has a closet of skeletons and a war chest of trash. Do you drive a city garbage truck? I can smell the trash from your supportive vote of Cardenas. Just make sure you keep it clean on the streets and in the end you may keep your job.

  13. Carina Sanchez has all the UNIONS on back of her the Federation of labor and Latin Council of latin America Advancement she has our support all the way Carina we bealive in you

  14. Sanchez is an excellent candidate and will fight for her ward. VOTE CARINA SANCHEZ FEBRUARY 27TH!!!

  15. Don Swinarski was the only real alderman the 12th Ward ever had. I got to see free movies and got treats on Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthday and more stuff at Christmas time. Damn M******* fucked everythig up… Where is Alderman Al when you need him?

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