Bruce Randazzo, Archie High, and North District Video

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On July 18, 2007, we waited for our Superstar Host Frank Avila. He was tied up in court. So, Patrick McDonough was asked to sit in. Frank Avila is light on the eyes, and Patrick McDonough is heavy on Chinese food. But we want everyone to know, we have lots to say about Chicago Politics, especially the Chicago Department of Water Management. Make sure you see this video, CLICK HERE: Make sure you see this video. Photo By Patrick McDonough

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    Chicago (PMN Exclusive Report)—Wojciech Czarniecki was summarily dismissed from police recruit training, but is fighting back to regain his position and protect his honor. The law firm of Avila and Zurla is representing him and, as a first step, on June 28, 2007, wrote to Chicago’s Police Superintendent, Philip J. Cline, asking him to review the matter and correct what they describe as a serious error.

    According to David A. Miley, an attorney with Avila and Zurla’s office, “Czarniecki was an exemplary recruit for his ten weeks at the Timothy J. O’Connor Police Education and Training Center. Throughout his training, Mr. Czarniecki scored at or near the top of his class in all subject areas.”

    Approximately nine weeks into the training, another recruit of Polish ethnicity was dismissed for lying about study materials when questioned. Then another recruit in Czarniecki’s class, Samuel B. Rawls, alleged that Czarniecki possessed an unauthorized copy of an examination. Czarniecki was questioned about the matter and instructed not to tell his classmates that he was under investigation for having unauthorized study material. When Czarniecki’s classmates noticed deviations from his customary schedule while being questioned, and heard rumors that Czarniecki was under investigation, those classmates hounded him for information. Czarniecki, true to his instructions not to discuss the nature of the accusations, told them simply, “I may be in trouble,” and refused to speak further on the matter.

    The academy’s investigators determined that Czarniecki possessed only authorized study guides and no examinations, and he was cleared of all charges. In effect, Rawls’ accusations were found to be without merit.

    Attorney Miley claims that, despite the fact that Czarniecki was cleared of all charges, he was summarily dismissed by Assistant Deputy Superintendent Matthew Tobias, without investigation or questioning, purportedly for violating orders not to tell his classmates that he was under investigation.

    The letter to Cline stated: “The remarkably close temporal proximity between the dismissals of two of the only Polish recruits lends credence to the reported speculation that ADS Tobias may hold a prejudice against Polish recruits.”

    In the event that corrective action is not taken by the Chicago Police Department, the attorneys suggested that legal action was possible against Rawls and the City of Chicago.

    Czarniecki was born in Bialystok, Poland, and was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in 2001. He attended Chicago Public Schools, graduating from Lane Technical High School. He received a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he was on the honor roll and received academic scholarships. While studying at UIC, he minored in Polish. He is fluent in English, Polish, and Spanish, and is functional in several other Slavic languages. He worked his way through school as a lifeguard with the Chicago Park District, where he was promoted to managerial lifeguard, supervising thirty lifeguards at the age of only 21 years, and coached a high school swim team

  2. Another mayor setback for H.D.O…Another one bites the dust.

    Top H.D.O. Lieutenant and Enforcer who is a close confidant of Mrs. Josie Cruz…another top H.D.O. Lieutenant (General Superintendent of the Bureau of Rodent Control) Mickey (the thug) Mantilla is on administrative leave for sexual harassment.

    Mr. Mantilla who is an ex gang banger and known for harassing and terrorizing City employees is now gone. Since the heat has been on H.D.O. The Department of Streets and Sanitation was hiding Mr. Mantilla at the Bureau of Street Operation’s under Lower Wacker Drive in charge of Graffiti. Instead of humbling himself it appears Mickey still couldn’t resist that Mr. Untouchable attitude.

    “Hey Mickey” is that the Feds behind you?

  3. pat why no mention of zanders ? are you on the take? finally a boy who deserves to get spanked gets spanked. and chicagoclout is late to report. your either slipping or to busy working o.t

  4. SUBJECT: M.I.A.

    Anyone having knowledge of John Zanders whereabouts please contact (1-800 who gives a shit). For those of you who don’t know what Mr. Zanders looks like, please run to your nearest Convenient stores and refer to the picture on the milk carton.

  5. I am scared of Mickey C. He is a tough cobra and could kick my ass.
    I would have to get Dom Longo and some of his guys to protect me.

    Dickie Mell would have to call Iris.

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