Chicago Fire Hydrant left unattended

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Chicago Department of Water Management needs to find who is opening our Chicago fire hydrants. I suspect someone has the special hydrant key, opens the hydrant, and after the kids are done playing, the hydrant is left open, flooding the street. Make sure you call 911 if you see someone opening the Hydrants. Take pictures, write down the licence plates. We cannot waste water in this day and age. In one incident, we were verbally assaulted by some residents that said, “All the money has been spent on downtown”. “Where do our kids have to play’, said another man. I did not include the swear words. Three lady police officers came to our rescue. The damage was so bad to the fire hydrant, I could not turn it off. On a personal note, I agree with the anger of the south and west side kids that have no operational, safe park. I suggest all the Black and Hispanic parents, bring your kids to the rich areas of the city with nice parks, like Norwood Park, maybe that will get some attention to the parks in the blighted areas. I feel bad for the parents that feel the only option is to open a hydrant. But remember, the policies are determined at the ballot box, who did you vote for? Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Now, Patrick, you know that your suggestion, for our ‘minority fellow citizens’ to bring their kids to the lily white neighborhoods, to enjoy the benefits of their public park facilities, would likely result in a ‘police’ response and unpleasant consequences for these under-served, fellow citizens.

    After all, why else would this town be so clearly segregated, if not because of the ‘fear’, in the white population, of those fellow citizens ‘of color’?

    It’s a nice thought, but one not likely to be any safer for these kids than playing in the streets of ‘their own’ neighborhoods.

  2. turn the hydrant heads toward the houses let the communitee police itself on this matter. u turn on the hydrant that faces my house and flood me out maybe i will remember what u were wearing when the police come
    (Response) I never thought of that….. interesting idea.

  3. plumbers protect the health of the nation. see pat with ideas like this maybe the city is looking in the wrong places for its leaders. but i dont think you would support a guy from the 11 to be put in charge.

  4. I think that the above poster is suggesting that you solve the hydrant-use problem for the mayor, all on your own, as the mayor is too busy, hustling for his 2016 Olympics fiasco, to give a shit about one, dead, minority child.

    ‘The City That Works’.

  5. No my point was since Mr. McDonough has been afforded such good fortune to not alone have a large boat, sports car, and new summer home maybe he could give back a little to the community he claims to defend by possibly taking a few youths from lower income areas for a weekend with his family

  6. Yes, we know what you meant, and, it’s a nice thought that mister McDonugh is highly unlikely to consider seriously.

    He’s not that kind of ‘helpful’ or that kind of churchgoer.

    Right, Patrick?

    (Response) Ohhh Golly Shucks Gee Wizzzz……

  7. That’s the ticket, Pat, but, don’t you know, smart-ass former alter boys are a dime a dozen……

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