Chicago's Bosley Park Flooded

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On July 8, 2007, the Chicago Department of Water Management responded to yet another open fire hydrant. All afternoon, we saw kids playing in the streets, and parents that allowed kids to laying in the curbs, to cool down. We need to remove the tires on the Fire Hydrant A.S.A.P. This is Bosley Park, part of the Chicago Park District. Some kids had opened the Fire Hydrants flooding and damaging the park. Neighbors were following me around with video cameras, and demanding why it took so long to turn the fire hydrant off. Some kids were verbally assaulting my crew, but we said nothing back and completed our tasks. We need to make open hydrants a top priority. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Another example of exactly how stupid our minority ‘fellow citizens’ are.

    They vote FOR Mayor Mumbles, than wonder why their neighborhood parks aren’t as well maintained and equipped as those in the ‘white’ neighborhoods.

    With TWO black candidates for mayor, the midget leprechaun still got 70%+ of the vote.

    Those in the Black and Hispanic communities must have had much more important things to do, other than registering to vote and showing up on election day to cast their vote.

    Chicago-style Democracy in action.

  2. If I recall from the papers you got a 6 month suspension out of all of that?

    So let’s see you take pictures all day long and miss state facts among other issues.

    You seem to be like a lot of other former/current city employees who think since they have a frivolous lawsuit or discrimination charge, you are immune from the rules that all city employees must follow. If any enforcement action is taken against them it is retaliation. You can take pictures of whatever or whom ever you want but when someone takes pictures of you it is harassment.

    Well let’s see, did you know any individual can request record under an FIO including time sheets or is it now Kronos records. I think I will do that on you and see if you where on work time or maybe called in sick when you were taking photos or attended HR Board meetings. I wonder what I would find.

    Oh and how does a plumber afford a yacht?

    (Response) Save, Save, Save.

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