7 Replies to “Mayor Daley gets ready to fire Chicago City Workers Soon Video, Fight!”

  1. You want change, all of you out there including me. Then why do you keep voting these bozos in? Look in the mirror fools!

  2. I’m outraged that Mayor Daley has the balls to use his scare tactics by threatening to layoff city workers in the midst of an economic downturn. Job security is the main reason that people go to work for the city instead of working in the private sector and bringing home a big fat paycheck. If they’re going to have to take pay cuts and layoffs, the city should give all of them a substantial raise so they can afford to feed their families when they get laid off.

    Seeing as Chicago wouldn’t function and would quickly collapse without its essential city services and its employee’s, it’s my observation that the politicians are neglecting to do their jobs by ignoring the needs of the city workers. Any business or organization is only as good as its employees.

    Our elected officials should be dead last in receiving a raise because if they are incapable of negotiating a fair contract for the city workers, they aren’t capable of doing what they were hired to do. Whatever the average increase in pay for all the city workers comes out to collectively, should be the maximum percentage the politicians are given. If that isn’t good enough for them, why should it be good enough for all the people that are out there working and busting their ass day in and day out?

    If Richie Daley legitimately wanted to know where to cut the city budget and come up with enough money to keep everyone working in Chicago, all he’d have to do is send out questionnaires to the people that work in these different departments that are out there doing it every day to give him those answers. Who’d know better than they would? The big bosses?…..not likely! Most of these politically appointed upper echelon bosses are so drunk with self interest and far removed from the meat and potatoes of how things really work, you’d never be able to get a viable solution from any of them. We could easily eliminate 50% of all those big jobs in every single department in Chicago and pick up the entire shortfall of funds overnight. Problem solved!

    Call your Aldermen and the Mayor to remind them that we don’t work for them, they work for us! And as taxpayers we should demand that they either do their jobs, or step down and let someone else in that will. If everyone would stick together on this, we could teach these political hacks a lesson that they wouldn’t soon forget. Let em know that we’ve had enough of their old bullshit! Remember, we put them in office,………..we can take them out!

    Jim McMahon
    Retired Lieutenant
    Chicago Fire Department

  3. I submitted a comment yesterday. It was not vulgar or inflammatory, could you please tell me the reason it wasn’t posted?

    (Response) Even God rests every now and than! Keep up the good work.

  4. I’m told and believe that’s it’s not a scare tactics anymore “threatening to layoff city workers to balance the budget” the word will be coming down soon to cut up to 2,000 Jobs, to allegedly balance the city budget. And by the way, 90% of the individuals whom cash a shakman check, are getting laid off. I’m sure this will be another violation of the shakman decrees and it’s mayor for
    civil contempt for violations of the federal court orders. Maybe he will get Jail time for this violation.

  5. Pat, is it a rule or something
    that requires the city to let go
    it’s private contractors before
    laying off city workers? I ‘ve
    seen more private contractors providing more
    city services in the last few weeks than I’ve seen since the hired truck deal. What’s up with that? How can Mayor Daley replace us with private contractors that don’t live in our city?

  6. Should We All take the same furlough day (that the mayor is trying to make us take anyway) and go to City Hall and let them know that we are really not happy with his management skills and support our brothers and sisters whom are going to get laid off and to ask that forty Alderman and their staff be let go to balance the budget.

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