Cook County Board President Todd H. Stroger and Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America

Todd Stroger 1.jpg Left to Right
Back Row: Rev. Dr. William H. Samuels, Bishop Jerry Jones, Pastor St. John Chisum, Apostle Carl White, Chaplain for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office Pastor Steve Jones, Commission Jerry Butler, NACA paricipants.
Front Row: Dr. Phalese A. Binion, Rev. Jacqueline Triche Atkins, J.D, Apostle Carl White, Derren Duarte Naca Communications Director, Naca Donald Meadows, Cook County Board President Todd H. Stroger, Commissioner Joseph Moreno, State Representative Lisa Hernandez, Naca Kendell Reid, Pastor Charles Thomas. Photo by LeShawn James and edited by Patrick McDonough of Chicago Clout. Many people are losing their homes in Cook County and many more in Chicago, I am glad Todd Stroger is taking in the issue. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Community Forum: The Foreclosure Crisis

    (Chicago, IL) – Almost 19,000 Chicago families lost their homes in 2008 because of the mortgage crisis. And the experts predict that it’s going to get even worse this year. In fact, almost 30,000 homes could be foreclosed this year alone.

    We now understand that the problem is more than just people not being able to pay their mortgage. It has a lot to do with the kinds of mortgages that were being offered, and the consumers’ lack of understanding about what they were signing.

    On this edition of Community Forum, host Ken Davis talks with the National Training and Information Center about an influential study they recently completed on Chicago’s mortgage crisis, and with Neighborhood Housing Services, an organization that helps people with troubled mortgages find practical solutions.

    Cablecast dates are:
    Saturday, July 18 at 8:30 PM on CAN TV21
    Tuesday, July 21 at 8:00 AM on CAN TV19

    Link to online version of press release here.

    CAN TV provides coverage of events relevant to the local community and gives every Chicagoan a voice on cable television by providing video training, facilities, equipment, and channel time for Chicago residents and nonprofit groups. CAN TV’s five local, noncommercial cable channels CAN TV19, 21, 27, 36 and 42 reach more than one million viewers in the city of Chicago. For more information call (312) 738-1400 or visit

  2. Stroger is one of them. Remember he owes back taxes on his home? And they want HIM to help them?? Ek!

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