Why are retired Homeowners fixing dirty sewers and catchbasins in Chicago?

]]>April 24, 2010 was a day I will not forget for a while. I was researching an alleged residency claim made against a Chicago City Worker for an upcoming trial. I was heading towards work and I saw half of a body in a street. An older gentleman was cleaning a sewer basin in the street. He was upset because his street floods whenever it rains. Rain was in the forecast and he said no one from the city of Chicago ever came out to open the sewers. He was digging out the basin, although noble in effort, he could have been killed. I think it is a shame because he was correct; the basins were filled with debris to the very top. When the police arrived, the cop was upset I was calling this in on my time. He could not understand why. I guess you need to protect the people that pay taxes to put food on the table. You also need to protect taxpayers that elect the same jokers that cannot make the proper infrastructure maintenance. When you start to see this, you understand why Chicago is in great big trouble. Patrick McDonough