2 Replies to “Chicago Clout Video on Chicago Mayor 2011 candidate Fredrick K White”

  1. Mayor Daley told his staff that Fred is a putz today. Fred has Mayor Daley fuming mad.

  2. we could free up hundreds of millions of $$$$$$ every year through savings provided to our states MEDICAID system just by allowing the sickest of the sick, the chronic and termnally Ill patients of Illinois safe affordable access to medicinal cannabis. By my estimates, and I’m only a patient/advocate that has been researching this for years, but we could save the jobs of 1000 teachers and troopers. We want to work WITH law enforcement and D.P.H. To create a program that does what it is intended to do. Take care of the sick and dying. Patients of Illinois!!!! (Response) Stop smoking dope, it makes ya silly.

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