Time to hype Rahm "residence violation" Emanuel Mayoral Bid

The Chicago press is back at the old "pick the contenders for mayor" game. The Chicago press is attempting to sell more newspapers by creating the mythical super hero Rahm. It worked for the Obama sell job, but Oprah learned a lesson to stay out of politics. The problem with creating a super hero Rahm might backfire. I am not sure of the results despite talking to many people. Many Chicago residents do not even know this guy, but I suspect the media might want the guy that sells the most newspapers. I am sure Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times would have a continuous amount of things to write about with Rahm stinking up Chicago. Chicago does not need another Daley now. To continue the corruption machine would doom Chicago. The press does not cover all the contractors working everywhere in Chicago. Minority companies are ready to take over many functions now completed by city workers. These no-bid companies are not properly supervised. When the time is better, I will bust out these goons. I understand Daley's management team attempting to grab what they can before they are out of work. Things are out of control in Chicago. Protections to safeguard the taxpayer's money are inadequate. I am happy to report Chicago Clout is back in the studio to present more candidates. I have a studio set up and can produce videos anytime I want. I was thinking of the name "Andersonville Productions", or "Clout Video". I am not sure yet. I hope Chicago City Workers use their heads and find a mayoral candidate that will help their cause. Some city workers are losing their house to foreclosure, but the union dues are not dropping. Go figure. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Hey Rahm… To run for public office you must live in the City for one year. ust because you own a house, doesn’t mean you live here. Now that you moved back, It will only be six months. Nothing will be done about it, I hope. Let the flood gate open with law suits…. Thanks Rahm, I’ll get to retire sooner than I though.

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