Alderman Edwarts Burke defies F.B.I.

Alderman Edwarts Burke is defying the Chicago F.B.I. The Chicago Underworld supports him, but behind the shadows. Mayor Elect Lori Lightfoot will put a boot in this clown’s ass, day one. Alderman Burke has a major lawsuit filed by Jay Stone, Chicago’s most powerful advocate for good government, and Patrick McDonough, Chicago’s most powerful plumber. Years before Burke was under the watchful eye of the Chicago F.B.I., a numerous amount of FOIA requests were made to make the case against the slickest crook in Chicago. Burke had a long career of skimming off the judge’s money and the workers’ compensation program designed to reward loyal alderman and mayors. The vendors that did business with Burke knew to donate an envelope or political donations.

The biggest suckers Burke ever fleeced was Star Wars creator George Lucas.

“Any alderman who’s gonna try to align themselves with Ed Burke at this time — we’re gonna make sure that gets very public and exposed . . . I’m going to do everything I can to shine a light on that,” Lightfoot told the Sun-Times.

The Chicago Special Crimes Unit will get an amazing number of files to describe how lawyers, alderman, unions, and Burke conspired to steal money from crippled City Workers and reward themselves with dirty money. The pubic got screwed by paying injured workers food bills, social security benefits, and welfare. All were involved. Hired Truck scammers were also involved.

When Lori Lightfoot shines a light in Alderman Burke’s game, he is going to lose. Now is the time reformers must go all out to remove this crook from Chicago.

Note to Chicago media, please stop calling Alderman Burke the most powerful Alderman, it is really getting old.

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