City of Chicago Department of Water Management nightmare again

For two decades Chicago has discovered and uncovered major multi-million-dollar crimes and insider dealings. As a goodbye present, the Chicago media is allowing Rahm Emanuel a free pass out the door, claiming a “sprint to the finish line”. You can dress a poop up in a tuxedo, but the odor will always knock you out.

The City of Chicago has always placed employees at a paygrade beyond they capacity. It is not done by accident. The real insiders that control the Department of Water Management do so through a clever mix of consultants, advisors, Alderman, and advisors. The management team is always spending time infighting and wasting time checking up on crews and damage control. Then, there has been sex, drugs, and parties to calm their nerves. Promotions of grade school and high school graduates are by design. Most private companies of this budget employee the highest skilled workforce. The employees are well paid, and performance is reviewed.

When you have a situation like this, calamity rules the day. The management is always looking to put out fires and find blame for all the disasters. The management team also knows, the same people causing the problems, are the same butts they are kissing for their job. Take Alderman Edward Burke, Ole Eddy has made promotions at the Department of Water Management for decades. He also has the power to stop any promotions he does not want. We will expose the promotions Eddy made just recently.

Right now, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management is under a major investigation by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. One high ranking employee was just ousted for his alleged part in not making sure the Water Mains and Sewer Repair projects were properly installed. Most Chicago Taxpayers are not aware, the public is on the hook to replace tens of millions of dollars of water main and sewer installations that are too close together. Also, many of the “private drains” or the sewers from the house to the street failed to install ductile water main and proper fittings when crossing the potable water mains. Many contractors were smart enough to hire Mara Georges to lobby Alderman Burke (give em a cut) to handle the Legislative and Administrative issues to fix problems with the Chicago City Council.  Right now, the Department of Water Management has hired Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski, to fight any requests for information on the arrangement Connor made with CTR consulting. Also. Connor is hiding the removal of Wallace “Catfish” Davis to take the blame on the massive problem. One of the House Drain Inspectors, that was reported by Chicago Clout on the Paul Hansen assault of a homeowner, is also missing in action.

The requirement being cited requires water mains to be separated from sewers (35 IAC 653.119).  This is under Title 35 of the Illinois Administrative Code (Environmental Protection), Section 653.119. 

According to a complaint made by a handsome State of Illinois Certified Plumbing Inspector, the City of Chicago has violated Title 35 Board Rules of the Illinois Pollution Control Board. Chicago’s most powerful plumber will continue to expose the corruption and insider thefts and scams. Right now, we are investigating the lack of any pipe to make these connections. Another special emergency order is in the works, but millions of dollars of downtime are expected. If you have any 6-inch ductile water main in your inventory please contact us at Chicago Clout. We are demanding an immediate investigation in Mr. Cheeks actions in all these matters. I am certain Lori Lightfoot should be made aware of these crimes before she takes office. You can try to make up bullshit excuses Rahm Emanuel, but this will not go away. The Chicago media must do its job and expose the ongoing corruption scheme at the Department of Water Management.

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  1. I was laid off in 2009. From water department. Whenever i applied for a position. I was put on as
    external list i am never call. Who do i need to talk to about this situation. I want to work back with the city.

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