Chicago Water Department Mercury Spill Update

“We are in big trouble, Rahm Emanuel will fire the Commissioners when this gets out”, claimed a Department of Water Management source. Update” at least 16 Chicago Water Department employees were exposed to mercury. A spill two days ago should have been cleaned up the right way, but many employees were allowed to walk through the spill. Another source said, “this has happened in the past and it is no big deal”.  “A regular vacuum was used and made the spill airborne, that where someone’s fucked up”. According to another source, Juan Merced a pipe yard foreman and Environmental Coordinator took over for a shaken, unhinged, and harried Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski. Ralph really fell apart during this stressful event. The Jardine plant has no leadership in place when things get stressful. Members of the Chicago Media called but refuse to expose the crisis.

Private contractors will need to handle the crisis and make sure the Illinois Environmental Agency and the State of Illinois Public Health are informed. Many people are not aware the National Response Center must be notified, but Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski cited “Homeland Security concern”s. If you get the FEDS in the Jardine Plant, we will never get rid of them. Many toxic spills are everywhere. Lori Lightfoot needs to drain this swamp.

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