Do Not Forget Jeremiah Kevin O’Driscoll Chicago

Did you forget Jeremiah Kevin O’Driscoll? I did not. A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of working with Kevin. Years were days as we documented Kevin’s Workers’ Compensation case. Kevin was great because he was very vocal regarding the shit medical treatment he had thanks to Alderman Edward Burke and the Chicago Aviation Department. Kevin kept telling me what the painters were doing regarding the toxic chemicals they workers with and were breathing in and rubbing on their hands. Being a victim of injury while working for the City of Chicago is akin to a death sentence. Alderman Edward Burke took no bid venders money like it was going out of style. Burke never gave a damn about the people he was elected to protect.

I enjoyed hundreds of phone calls with Kevin. I do know how much he loved his son. I do not think Kevin was the same after his injuries. His body was destroyed. Many people have no idea of the side effects of prescription drugs given to injured City workers. Drugs are given to delay treatment and mask the true extent of injuries. Unless you saw the actual damage to Kevin’s body, you would have no idea how damaged he was. I was amazed at how many people went to Mr. O’Driscoll’s Mass at St. Juliana Church in Chicago’s Northwest Side. Please google Kevin O’Driscoll’s videos on YouTube.

I hope and pray the Chicago F.B.I. investigate the criminal way injured city workers are treated. I hope Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Edward Burke choke on the money they stole from the injured. Rest in Peace Kevin. I will never forget you.

Born February 15, 1960 Eternal Rest February 2, 2019

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