Chairman Alderman Scott Wagnespac Finance Committee

On November 5, 2018 at 1:09 P.M. Chicago City Hall at the Aldermanic Offices, Alderman Scott Wagnespac got a visit from Patrick McDonough, a City of Chicago Plumber. I explained what was going on with Alderman Edward Burke and the work that was being done to dispose of Burke and his scum that destroyed Chicago. I have known Alderman Wagnespac for many years but not on a personal basis. I explained how Jay Stone and I are going to sue Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Edward Burke. I am certain he thought we are full of it. Alderman Wagnespac has a smile, and, I am certain he dismissed the action we took. Well, look at things today. Chairman Wagnespac in Alderman Burke’s shoes. I hope Alderman Wagnespac remembers our conversation. We are still fighting for all Chicago injured workers and their stories must be told. To all the people that think Alderman Wagnespac is distant, you are wrong, he is guarded. All the rats that scurried to Burke will fail in thinking Alderman Wagnespac is the new henchman. Good Luck Chairman Wagnespac. More work needs to be done and a bunch of carcasses is going to looking for jobs soon. Time to fix Chicago.

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