Louis R. Ocasio City of Chicago DOWM Laborer R.I.P May 27, 2019

Louis Ocasio City of Chicago Laborer RIP

Louis R. Ocasio Jr. passed away this weekend. According to sources, Louis ended it after a Memorial Day Party. The Blood of Louis is on the hands of Alderman Edward Burke, The employees of the Chicago Workers’ Compensation Program, the Committee on Finance, the Department of Finance, and Chicago Attorney Stephine Lipman.

Louis was an honor to work with. He was always fixing his glasses and working with pride and dignity. Louis was one of the best laborers and would take pride and honor in all he did. Louis was victim of the constant dusts created by FA-6. Limestone dust will kill you over a period of years. To watch Louis breath was agony. To watch someone that can not take a full breathe is almost as bad as the person suffering.

Louis was just informed by the City of Chicago he would be returning to work as a watchman. Then the City told him he did not do his paperwork correctly to return to work. Then about one week ago, as Rahm Emanuel snuck out of office, the DOF stopped this man’s ability to support his family. Loius disability wages were terminated. According to information on the IWCC site, Alderman Burke’s henchman law firm Hennessey and (Cock) Roach and Chicago City Attorney Stephanie Lipman ordered Louis to return to work and that the City position was “he was able to return to work”.

According to out calculations, the City of Chicago and the Department of Water Management is now on the hook for the entire lifetime money he would have gotten if he worked. Great. Amazing how everything workers against the evil crooks that steal from injured workers.  According to my sources, Chicago went behind attorney’s workers’ compensation law firm Karchmar and Stone and told Louis he must return to work. Chicago continues to make up the laws and working people suffer and die.

I hope Mayor Lori Lightfoot reforms all the rats that work in Chicago’s Workers Compensation program.

I am sorry to Louis R. Ocasio’s family. Louis was a real man’s man. Thanks for all the hard work you did and the quality and care you took for the Citizens in Chicago. I am also sorry to this man’s family after Louis got injured. Big Chief- I salute you.

Update: Services for Louis is at Montclair-Lucania Funeral Home 6901 West Belmont Ave. Chicago June 2, 2019 3:00 P.M. -9:00 P.M. All Chicago Department of Water Management employees is expected to attend.

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  1. to the Ocasio Family,
    our utmost condolences, deepest sympathies to Louis’ Family…
    may He rest in peace!

    ed ordinario

  2. My cousin was so sweet and was put through hell by the city I hope his death ensures change for others because he can never be replaced

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