Mayor Lori Lightfoot demands Burke step down

Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Alderman Burke stepping down

Mayor Lori Lightfoot demanded Alderman Burke step down. Alderman Burke is in real big trouble. Real Big trouble. In fact, Burke is unaware of all the Chicago City workers that took a walk to the F.B.I. headquarters in Chicago to spill the beans on this rat. Alderman Burke has fixed jobs, promotions, workers compensation cases, fixed permits, fixed TIFs, fixed elections, fixed judges, fixed union issues, fixed discipline of city workers, fixed contracts, and got lots of money and political kickbacks in return. Burke has no place in modern government.

Back when the Daley and Emanuel goons were mayor, indicted public servants could linger and continue to profit from their positions. Burke raked in millions in all the Judges races and a expected cost for being judge in Cook County. The Judge-making business was an all cash business that included free Chicago City workers and Local 130 Political Action Task Force members. We found bogus P.O. Boxes and none of the judges issued tax forms for these phony political “experts” and “consultants”.

Chicago is on the right track to clean up it’s mess. Go Mayor Lightfoot.

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