Commissioner Alfonso “Randy” Conner Humble Pie

Commissioner Alfonso “Randy” Conner humble talk June 27, 2019 North District

Today at 7:15 a.m. a humble and contrite Randy ‘Stepping” Conner address a ragtag bunch of North District Chicago City Workers tired from all the heavy work of carrying the political warlords at the Jardine Plant for years. “Regretful Randy” was not acting the brash fool as he had in the past. According to several high-ranking insiders, Randy was not prepared to be a Commissioner and was ill-prepared for the onslaught of powerful insiders. Randy thought when he made Commissioner it would be a high paying party.

Now that he is tied up in several scandals, his demise is near. Randy’s knows now that Alderman Carrie ‘job fixer” Austin and Alderman Burke are toast; he is near the finish line. When Rahm Emanuel was mayor, Randy was a cocky fool, threatening powerful members of Local 130. Real leaders show up on time, but true to form, Randy was late by 15 minutes. This was not the same Randy that was making City Workers wait for him at the Jardine Plant while he was playing with himself, making people wait.

Randy lost his swagger.  He might have partied too much. When stepping at Pier 31 with major players like “Deep Water” videotaping every move, he proved he was just another punk that got a position with no talent or class.

According to my recollection, Randy said there will be many changes at the Department of Water Management, I hope he means Mayor Lightfoot will stomp on the azz of Randy, Hernandez, Chiczewski, and others that brought shame upon the Chicago Water Department. All workers must play by the same rules and the cover-ups must end.

I am hoping to plan a Stepping party for Chicago’s Department of Water Management Goodbye Party. I was thinking Pier 31 at 31st Street to be a great place to say goodbye. Why? Why Not. So, bring your stepping shoes, dry clean your urban suits, (Canto Suit if you are a playa like me, and let’s get started.

The current issues are Lead in the drinking water, fraud, drug testing, accidents, the old post office, Lincoln Yards, cover-ups, political promotions, promotions for getting under the desk, workers compensation fraud, the same ole stuff. Alderman Burke needs to answer for CTR and other that got business at the DOWM. More on this later.

2 Replies to “Commissioner Alfonso “Randy” Conner Humble Pie”

  1. Dude. You need to go after bill cheeks. He is the worst. Conner is not so bad. You would not believe this fucking guy. Call him Bill. It pisses him off if you don’t call him William.

  2. Oh now he’s all about saving trees… only when there is outrage. He wasn’t interested in doing the right thing until there was pressure. We wanted to keep the status quo so him and his little piggies could have plenty of work. The water department needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom!

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