Victor Crown, Miriam Santos, Chicago Board of Ethics

Victor Crown At Chicago Board of Ethics.jpg
On May 5, 2006, I was with Victor Crown as he picked up another batch of court ordered exculpatory evidence material affecting the Miriam Santos Case. We were at the Chicago Board (Bored) of Ethics building in Chicago. Why is Victor Crown so happy? I know Victor is the one person in the City of Chicago that can squeeze evidence from a rock. Victor Crown is assisting me in my case. Victor Crown is a friend of mine. I will give him a clout rating after he is done in Federal Court. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Frank Avila Lada Santodomingo Telemundo

Frank Avila on Telemundo.jpg
On May 4, 2006, after a long day in court, an exahsted Frank Avila had an interview with Telemundo. Lada Santodomingo wanted to know about the election results and what Frank Avila had in mind to correct the Ballot mess in Chicago. Frank Avila speaks fluent Spanish and is a great help to Chicago City Workers that have less than perfect language skills. (Frank Avila speaks many languages). Lada has much Clout in the Chicago Spanish Community. Lada Clout Rating: Yes, Got Clout. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Frank Coconate Hearing May 4, 2006

Frank Coconate, Terrence Brunner, and Frank Avila.jpg
Pictured is Frank Coconate, J. Terrence Brunner, and Frank Avila. Today was a long day for Chicago Department of Water Management Commissioner Brian Murphy. As I sum up the testimony, I attempt to take into account what is in the Chicago Taxpayer best interest. After reviewing the last two days testimony of Brian Murphy, I cannot see how this made the Department any better. I think this hearing just brought more attention to it, and provided more liability to the Chicago Taxpayer. This hearing is dragging on for months and months, which is not good for anyone. The two Chicago Lawyers (Kerry Jewell and Lee Ferron) were drinking bottled water and gave bottled water to Brian Murphy. Murphy’s assistant was in back with me drinking bottled Crystal Geyser. Dasani and Crystal Geyser were chosen. Patrick McDonough was drinking good old Chicago Tap Water as I did not want to get fired like a Miller truck driver drinking a budweiser!!! Photo by Patrick McDonough

Alderman Burke and Frank Avila

Alderman Burke.jpg
At a fund raiser, Frank Avila and Alderman Burke were two magnets. Burke has done well with his wife’s promotion to a high ranking judge position. Fran Spielman (Chicago Sun-Times) wrote a story on May 3, 2006 that was really fair. I will say on the record, Burke is the best dressed man in Chicago. Alderman, please, how much money do you need? I am against double dipping. Alderman Burke: Clout and lots of it. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Residency Double Standard and Contact Deals

Chicago Department of Water Management Vendors.jpg
Patrick McDonough was fired on April 1, 2005 for Alleged Chicago Residency Violations. While searching for a job, Patrick scoured the internet to get a handle on the real Chicago Water Department Scandals. The Chicago Sun-Time’s “Clout on Wheels” series showed quite a few hired truck contractors did not reside inside the Chicago city limits. The Chicago residency rules are to keep money and white workers in the city. Are Chicago vendors exempt from this rule but use phony addresses to appear in compliance? This picture is of a Non-union company. Chicago Transmission companies are getting screwed. The company pictured is Suburban Transmission, 1500 Rand Road Des Plaines, Illinois 60016. I have many pictures of Chicago Revenue, Streets and Sanitation, sewer and Aviation trucks at this company located in the suburbs. James Fato (part owner) base contract is $18,270.00, he has been paid $271,092.56. Chicago Taxpayers and Transmission Companies get shafted. Go to Left Center Left for Residency Rules. We want union companies in Chicago doing city work. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Portable Concrete Mixers The Bridgeport Cut #1

Chicago Mobile Concrete Mixers.jpg
Welcome to “The Bridgeport Cut”. The Bridgeport Cut is the way contracts are done in Chicago to assure Mayor Daley and John Daley’s Home Turf gets a piece of the pie. I will have many stories about Bridgeport and the way things are done to keep Bridgeport businesses, politicians, and families a step ahead. I am not saying fraud is involved. Many contractors are asked to bid on projects, services, and supplies in Chicago. Vendors are asked to supply bids through certain vendors instead of dealing directly with the City of Chicago. This does not save taxpayers any money, it costs millions more every year. The mobile cement mixers were added through Standard Truck Center, the base bid is at least double. Bridgeport’s Standard Truck does millions of dollars in open ended contracts. I am for the mixers and the jobs they provide, but at what cost? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Naming Rights Richard J. Daley Center

Chicago Picasso.jpg
Chicago’s Richard M. Daley intends to turn many buildings, bridges, and public property, into a billboard for corporations. Everything is for sale in Chicago. It is a disgrace the poorly run city must take drastic steps to hustle up money. My suggestion is to sell the name of the Richard J. Daley Center and the James R. Thompson Center up to the highest bidder. But would Chicago’s little mayor go for that? Our upcoming series is called “THE BRIDGEPORT CUT”. Please enjoy some of my best research into Chicago Corruption. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Berghoff Restaurant Chicago

Berghoff Chicago.jpg
Chicagoist had an spot about the Berghoff Restaurant closing. Not to brag, but I commented it is an attempt to bust the union on December 29, 2005. I wrote about “first class union waiters”. Today’s Sun-times said the restaurant is open non-union. Chicago’s leadership have become selfish and ignorant to basic human needs, a fair paycheck. Unions are too embedded with Management. Photo by Patrick McDonough

TIF in Chicago Austin Neighborhood Chicago

Austin Civic Organization is in a fight against Loretto Hospital. Lets face it, the Austin neighborhood is in terrible condition. The Austin Neighborhood is the prime example of what the Millenium Park is not. I met with a brilliant man with passion to make a difference. His name is James T. Smith. He is picketing Loretto Hospital as they intend to receive a TIF benefit of 46 million and 98 million dollars. As I have discovered in the past, everything with the Daley organization is not in black or white. Mr. Smith wants the money used for Austin schools that are in disrepair. The school system is a wreck and the Chicago Public Schools Performance Assessment testify the results of Arnie “Herman Munster” Duncan failures. Contact James T. Smith at or call 1-773-626-1451. TIFs are in need of investigation by the F.B.I. Patrick McDonough

Chicago Department of Water Management Shoring

Chicago Department of Water Management Shoring.jpg
Tom Laporte said Chicago Department of Water Management follows Safety Laws. On April 25, 2006, I made numerous photos of a job site in front of 4626 West Lawrence and 4480 West Lawrence in Chicago. The photo shows no safety or concern for people walking with-in inches of the project. Not a single piece of shoring on the project. The Illinois Department of Labor knows about this. The Inspector Generals Office is not concerned. Look close, nice safety tape job? Lawyers get rich, workers get hurt, taxpayers get screwed. Photos by Patrick McDonough.