Did the Tadin Goons bite off more than they can chew? Hired Truck Boss back to feast!

Hired Truck Program.jpg Fran Spielman was back on top of her game today tying in Mayor Daley’s friend and family program, Mike Tadin’s goon enterprises, and the Building Department special inspectors for the 11TH Ward. What do I mean? Tadin an 11TH Ward Goon, is entering into the house building business. If you have money to launder, this is the business the IRS is too uninformed to watchdog. Fran Spielman also put together theft of water from the Chicago Fire Hydrants. Amazing. It seems to me the pieces are almost all together in the Tadin, Daley, Water Department pimps and players. The script; if Tadin is going to build home, all the city building inspectors on the project know to find nothing wrong. This project needs to be watched by the Office of the Inspector General with a close eye. Tadin made millions with his scab trucking company; expect unions to shy away from enforcing a 100% union worksite. The part of the story Fran nailed was related to ABC 7 News special with Plumbing Inspector/ Whistleblower John Swietczak exposing the stealing of water from Fire Hydrants. Chicago Clout also demands an investigation into the way the fines were imposed by the Department of Water Management against contractors caught pilfering water from Chicago taxpayers. Michael Tucker, son of retired Plumbers’ local 130 enforcer Paul “RC” Tucker, had his plate full yesterday with an all day Building Department meeting at Chicago City hall. Michael Tucker got a nice ride up the promotion ladder, and needs his workload increased. Chicago Clout also demands a review of the websites he has visited the last few years. Chicago Department of Water Management brass has failed again enforcing rules and regulations. I say fire all the goons Daley sent from the Police Department to hush to dissention at the Water Department. Feel free to ask Michael Tucker how he got his job and promotion and make sure you call 1-312-744-3764 if you plan on taking water from a Chicago Fire Hydrant. See attached story below. Photo by Patrick McDonough.]]>Hired Truck giant ready to roll on Bridgeport homes
November 20, 2009
BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter fspielman@suntimes.com
Former Hired Truck kingpin Michael Tadin is spreading his development wings in his native Bridgeport neighborhood, even as the housing boom there and elsewhere is going bust.
"There's nothing booming anywhere. I guess we know something nobody else knows," Tadin said Thursday.
River Bend Real Estate Investment LLC, a company Tadin co-owns with his son, has requested a zoning change to build 28 single-family homes with detached, two-car garages in the 2800 block of South Hillock. The riverfront industrial site once housed Holsum Bread.
It's not their first foray into residential development in Bridgeport, where Tadin and his friend Mayor Daley were born and raised.
In 2005, Tadin and his son built and sold town houses in the 500 block of West 33rd Street. The following year, they put up 39 more in the 3700 block of South Sangamon, a site that once housed the Wexler Meat factory. Only half of those town homes have sold.
Development in Bridgeport, birthplace of Chicago mayors past and present, was booming for years because of demand for housing close to downtown jobs. Old industrial buildings were converted to lofts. Developers scoured side streets for lots suitable for new homes.
That has slowed to a crawl during the prolonged recession that has dried up financing, shrunk the pool of home buyers and prompted a wave of foreclosures.
But Tadin Sr. remains bullish on Bridgeport.
"It's gonna take a long time to accomplish the next phase, but we've already made the investment. We've owned the land for two years, and we're willing to go forward," he said.
"It's not like we're gonna start great guns. We'll start slow, build so many at a time, and take a chance. If it doesn't turn around, every one of us is in trouble," he said.
Tadin is the perennial city trucking magnate whose $1.25 million loan to a security company co-owned by Ald. Patrick Huels (11th) forced the 1997 resignation of Daley's former City Council floor leader. Tadin's trucking company had received a $1.1 million city subsidy with Huels' help.
Tadin was the undisputed king of Chicago's Hired Truck program, emerging from the pack, even after City Hall accused the company of overbilling and agreed to spread the wealth to other firms.
The program was disbanded in 2005 after the Chicago Sun-Times disclosed how politically connected companies — some with ties to organized crime, others masquerading as minority- and women-owned businesses — were paid to do little or no work. The Hired Truck scandal resulted in dozens of indictments and convictions and branched out into city hiring.
Two months ago, a company owned by Michael Tadin Jr. was accused of stealing water from a city fire hydrant — without a permit and without a device to prevent construction debris from contaminating Chicago's water system.
The younger Tadin called it all a "misunderstanding." He said he was a "sub to a subcontractor" on the street resurfacing project in the 2100 block of North Clybourn and he "thought it was the general contractor's responsibility to get these permits."

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  1. Tadin is building homes because Daley demanded he do it with all that money Daley stole from us taxpayers and gave to Tadin, Daley demanded he build homes and make our city look pretty by throwing out all the working class. And when the devil calls Daley home to his final and eternal resting place with the eternal fire pits, then and only then will all the dirt come out by those who are pu$$y’s and afraid to tell the POOP they have on the Crookmiester. Mean while, Patrick Daley aka “little crook” is not working and drinking Pina Coladas on Chicago taxpayers dime while trying to body build in Russia, a place with no extradition treaty with the U.S. And if I go steal a candy bar at the local 7 11, I get 2 years in prison and hung out to dry. Go figure!

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