Sorich, McCarthy, Slattery, and Sullivan May 16, 2006

Dirksen Building.jpg
I went to the trial this morning, I was really sickened by what I saw. Prior to the whole thing starting, I saw Sorich’s father and mother. I could see the pain they were in. The look on his father would send chills up a convicts back. Sorich looked like a fish out of water. Who is paying for all the legal bills? Slattery’s lawyer did the best he could, but he did not explain how Patrick became an electrician, than a Director of Streets and Sanitation. The joke is Durkin is really mad at John Kass because Kass takes attention away from him. Kass was nice to me in the early a.m. I will tell you, many a person of political power and arrogance was in attendance, talking on the cell phones, ect. Hey people notice 11th ward, you do not. Daley’s family watching. Photo by Patrick McDonogh

Mayor Daley's Scab Banner Companies

May 15, 2006, Today I was rather disgusted by watching some young kid jumping around with a van and “Cherry Picker” race from light pole to light pole. With-in inches, the Chicago Banners are hung near high voltage electric and city lighting lines. Up and down the young man worked and than raced to the next pole with no help, no safety, no watchman, no driver. All by himself. He was on Columbus Drive by the Garden in the City Exhibits at Butler Field. I called the company that has done over half a million dollars worth of city business and found out, Bannerville USA is a non-union company. Hey Unions keep feeding Daley money!! Street and Sanitation workers rejoice!!! Scabs doing City Workers Jobs. P.S. If you were fired for residency, tell your lawyer the company is based in… Western Springs, Illinois. Chicago Taxpayers pay to have him drive from the far west suburbs.

Mayor Daley Patrick McDonough in China

Patrick McDonough in China.jpg
Mayor Daley went to China to avoid the stress of political corruption, waste, and fraud. I am sure Daley could learn some new techniques of controlling the press and individual freedoms the Chinese government is known for. “I think people can learn from the Chinese Government about some crowd control if the U.S. Attorney tries to arrest Daley”, said a political insider that wants to remain unnamed. Patrick McDonough a future 48th Ward candidate for Alderman said, “I am following Daley to China (Town) to learn about how some Chinese are up-rising against the Brutal dictatorship like we have in Chicago.” I sailed from Andersonville down to this location”, said an exhausted Patrick McDonough. A.K.A. Captpaddy or “Deep Water”. Photo by Chinese Communist Mr. Wong.

Jesus Navarro still in hospital Mothers Day 2006

Jesus Navarro's Mother's Day May 14, 2006.jpg
May 14, 2006. Jesus Navarro a Chicago Department of Water Management Hero and Whistleblower is at Resurrection Medical Center still recovering from a cave-in that had no shoring. Jesus is assisted by Michelle a CNA. Jesus is now in room 2-575. Jesus a devote Roman Catholic was ordered by the City of Chicago’s health insurance company to under go physical therapy despite Sunday a day of rest for christens. Pictures were taken of Jesus right leg and knee grotesquely swollen from the therapy. Jesus used an ice-bag to control the inflamed knee. Jesus is very lonely and has not been visited by any Water Department Brass. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Dr. Robert D. Peck

Dr.Peck 2.jpg
In Park Ridge, one of the best known Chiropractic Physician’s for Chicago City Workers is Dr. Robert D. Peck. If you are injured on the job and you want to get well as soon as possible, call Dr. Peck. I saw Dr. Peck again after seeing a Mercy work specialist. I was given a very dangerous psychotropic drug after telling the Mercy Work doctor, “I have a prescription that is not mood altering, and I do not want any “Anti-anxiety medication”. The Mercy Work referral was to Jeffery Kramer M.D.S.C. a neurology specialist that prescribed Amitriptyline “Elavil”. This stuff is as dangerous as Paxil. My doctor wanted me to take “Ramelteon”. Mercy Works is acting like a treating doctor to Chicago City Workers, that to me is fraud. Contact Doctor Robert D. Peck at 1-847-696-0040. I was never told my M.D. prescription was altered. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Response to Newsletter

Chicago Department of Water Management launched a Newsletter to respond to the real insider reporting of Patrick McDonough and Frank Coconate. In the propaganda newsletter, we read about some admitted minor problem, and Dennis M. Kelleher who was forced out of office. He “starting his own business”, and I am sure to see him at the table taking money from the trough. Murphy should address why some are favored in the overtime allotment. His stand on privatization. I hope the Newsletter explains management view towards the workers. As expected this newsletter will be about what the chosen few are doing. “The Insiders”. My Newsletter for the day. A driver went to the “New and Improved” Inspector General today to explain an occurrence that happened months ago. When he told them about a crime months ago the I.G. informed Water Management and the case went dry. Today he demanded to know what happened and how the I.G. was covering up the acts. He wanted to know why he was called a liar. Noted when the Chicago Investigator General investigates criminal activities they do not have a court reporter. (Cover-up) But if they are investigating life of death issues like Chicago Residency Rules, it is a major investigation with the Commissioner of I.G., two deputy commissioners and a court reporter. He is placing a lawsuit against Chicago and the story has been followed by Laurie Cohen and Todd Lighty of the Chicago Tribune for months. Story two, Chicago also purchased more Trench-boxes from a suburban company for $187,511.68. This is an emergency purchase with no bid. The company is located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. (Lee Jensen Sales). Any crew with no pipe, tools, or material, now you know why. And I could not get $6.00 for plumbing parts. Sad but true. Lets get the story out to local suppliers to contact Water Management about doing business. Patrick McDonough.

Department of Water Management Semi Trailers

Water Department Semi Trailers 23 and Ashland.jpg
Progress takes time. On March 10, 2006, after being informed of some semi-truck shipments to Central District, I am happy to inform some important progress. I will review the purchase (Leasing) arrangements at a later date. I think this is sending a signal that investment into making things “Right” is moving along. Some talk is already starting into who will drive the semis. Remember this is a pride thing and many drivers have “A” licences and consider it a honor to drive the big rigs. The “Hired Truck Scandal” and “Clout on Wheels Series”, has opened a can of worms, but the Ship seems to be making a wide turn in the better direction.

Chicago Shoring Safety Upgrades May 10, 2006

Trench Safety Cropped.jpg
The Central District Department of Water Management, City of Chicago, and Chicago Safety Department started what is hopefully the first of a series of classes on Shoring Safety. The Shoring chosen by Chicago Water and Sewer Departments is a “PRO-TEC” Trench Shield. The ModSeries. Great start to avoid accidents and expensive lawsuits against Chicago Taxpayers. It was met with some moaning and groaning but was accepted after workers saw it was not to difficult to assemble. Mr. James LoVerde (A greatly respected Superintendent) said he wants to keep the system assembled and than dropped into the excavation to save time. (Brilliant) I am only concerned with assembly due to pinching hazards, I suggest leather gloves. In Chicago tradition, some parts turned up missing and the Adjustable spreaders would not work. However, it is a move in the right direction, and even though the company has no distribution stores in Chicago, this is a winner. I also suggest painting ugly colors to avoid theft in after market. Photo by Patrick McDonough. (Note the I.G. did not take my camera).

Jesus Navarro Whistleblower Injured Again

Jesus Naverro May 9, 2006.jpg
On May 9, 2006, Jesus Navarro a whistleblower in safety, harassment and racism in the Chicago Department of Water Management, suffered major trauma in a cave-in. Jesus is in Resurrection Medial Center with major hip surgery. Please send a card to Mr. Navarro at 7435 West Talcott. Again, there was no shoring in the ditch. Mr. Navarro will be out of work for a long time, he has a wife and children. He went into the ditch to avoid any more retaliation. Chicago Central District will have shoring classes Wednesday May 10, 2006. Please say prayers for Mr. Navarro, he will not have a check coming in for about two months. Note: Chicago Doctors said the best course of treatment would be to take pills, thank god Jesus checked with his own doctors. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Rossi Contractors Northlake Illinois

Rossi Contractors Northlake.jpg
After a Safety Department meeting and seeing John D’Amico enter the Jardine Water Plant in Chicago, I saw a contractor I have researched parked out in front. One contract of this suburban company with Chicago stated the base contract is $50,000.00 up to $5,000,000.00, and not to exceed $20,000,000.00. Mayor Daley signs these contracts all the time. The real good contracts will be posted soon. And the alderman want a raise?