Mayor Daley passes blame again to Burke

Please read an excellent article by Tim Novak.,CST-NWS-disabled21.article I hope all of us Chicago City Workers know how the Workers Compensation is run, poorly at best. Mercy Works is an outside Health care contractor that oversees the city’s interest in Chicago Workman’s Compensation Claims. The health care provided by that company is not professional. Mercy Works is part of a hospital system that has some of the highest profile politicians involved. Dan Rostenkowski, the Daley’s, and Madigan are just some of the persons assisting the Catholic System with government Funds and contracts. If a Chicago City worker gets injured you wait months for your check, the service by the agency is rude at best. Claimants are not treated with respect, get no return calls, and never can rely on the Comp Checks arrival. This is a second injury. Clout based city workers get much better treatment and better approval times, that is a fact. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago's Clout Workers' Compensation Clout List

Patrick McDonough at Work.jpg
I am very happy about the another round of ammo aimed at Mayor Daley’s Administration. Please read a great article about the Clout Sick List by Tim Novak and Art Golab of the Chicago Sun-Times. click here:,CST-NWS-disabledex19.article This is major trouble ahead for Mayor Daley. As we investigated at my Residency Hearing, Tom Briatta, a foreman for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management stated under oath, McDonough was trouble because he wanted Shoring in the ditches. Years ago Chicago’s Water Department of Water Management refused to make the ditches safe for the employees. Also if you look at our prior posts, we revealed the treatment for guys with no clout, your sent back to work sick. The real news will be, Were all city workers treated the same, with comparable injuries? Did some workers in Chicago get light duty, or were sent back home to get better? Did supervisors tell Mercy Works to give some workers preferential treatment? Is this a conflict with the lawyers and Alderman Burke? I hope Frank Avila gets credit for bringing this to light at the McDonough vs. City of Chicago Residency Hearing. Please see a picture of me today so you understand how dangerous the job is. On the positive side, Chicago under the leadership of Commissioner John Spatz, Jr. is starting to take the steps to make the work-site safer. Since he is new, he should be afforded what ever time he needs to steer this sinking ship around.

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Mayor Daley Rod Blagojevich Tony Rezko Christopher Kelly

Birds of a feather, flock together. Mayor Daley signed juicy contracts for BCI Roofing, which is owned by Christopher Kelly an embroiled Blagojevich top political aide. The contract is at Chicago O’Hare Airport. The contract is not to exceed 3.8 million and is now over that amount. Five million in contracts with Mayor Daley and Chicago so far for Christopher Kelly. Guess who is the Chicago Project Manager overseeing the Airport contract? Mike Levar, is that Patrick “Phat” Levar’s brother? For the best in corruption and clout, vote for Mayor Daley again. Sorry, but I am keeping the real good stuff for court. Also keep an eye out for the overruns at Chicago O’Hare Airport, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Patrick McDonough

Must see Video

Please check this link for current video You will see a list of video we have done to better inform Chicago of the Clout and Corruption Mayor Daley perfected. Starring is Mr. Frank Avila a famous lawyer in Chicago. Also Patrick McDonough the Whistle-blower in the Hired Truck Scandal and Hiring Scandal. Please make sure you see video Clout 2, Andre Watson was a Chicago Employee with Cancer and a surgery scheduled that was fired falsely for Residency Violation. Chicago Inspector General used Nazi thug tactics and cohersed Andre to resign. Please help Andre get his job back.

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke and Patrick McDonough

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On Thursday October 12, 2006 I enjoyed a discussion with Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke. Justice Burke is the wife of Edward Burke a Chicago Alderman I admire. Justice Burke is also a first class Advocate for the Children harmed by Chicago Catholic Priests. Her outstanding research set the bar higher regarding behavior in Catholic Churches and Schools. Many of her demands were not met by the Catholic Church yet. Also as the wife of Alderman Burke I would also give Justice Burke a high Clout rating. Now she has more clout than her husband. Justice Burke raised a large family and than received a Law Degree. We discussed Residency Issues and the Legal System in Illinois. Please enjoy this framed photo. Please note: Patrick McDonough’s high class Department of Water Management threads, safety orange.

Chicago City Workers caught Working

Chicago City Workers caught working.jpg
On Friday October 13, 2006, a group from Chicago’s Department of Water Management leak crew, was caught working hard for the Taxpayer’s of Chicago. You can expect that from Paul Montes an acting Foreman that takes pride in his job. Paul Montes is a professional that is well respected, trusted, and an expert. Paul is the example of the kind of leadership we need in Chicago. Paul is a well respected boss. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago 1092 Laborers Working Hard

Anthony Laborer.jpg
Anthony is a new employee with the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. On Friday October 13, 2006, Anthony learned that being a Union Laborer with the City of Chicago means you stick with the job and do whatever it takes for the Taxpayers of Chicago. Anthony worked in a wet, horrible, rotten ditch and never gave up.
The experienced Union Laborers gave him a time, but they made darn sure he was safe and learned a lesson. I am very proud of Anthony and I hope he works for Chicago for a long time. He showed his grit. Nice Job. Chicago has finally decided to train the new workers in a proper manner, I have fought for this for years. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Millennium Park Sex, Lies, and Pictures Massive Debt

Millennium Park The Bean.jpg
Enjoy my picture of Chicago and the World famous Bean. When Millennium Park was built, Mayor Daley told everyone, “It won’t cost the Taxpayers a Dime”. I tried to picket the Millennium Park and my family was ushered off the site. My FOIA to the City of Chicago is still ignored. Thanks to Fran Spielman for another article that cuts through Mayor Daley lies. Please read,CST-NWS-garage14.article Well I guess the Chicago Taxpayers owe 208 million on a park that birds use to crap on Mayor Daley’s “Bean”. Also Daley honored Sean “Diddy” Combs, a black man, for his high class DVD’s that show some brother’s how to treat the opposite sex as classy as Mayor Daley treats the Taxpayer. Enjoy another photo by Patrick “Deep Water” McDonough.