Cost overruns start in full blast at O'Hare Airport

Please enjoy an I told you so about the Chicago Airport expansion. This is phase one of a major mismanagement by Chicago’s Mayor Daley inept, corrupt and failed Administration. If they failed the “Bean”, wait until you see O’Hare Airport. Please read,CST-NWS-ohare13.article Enjoy the start of a nightmare. Please see our video series on O’Hare. Nice article Chicago Sun-Times.

John Daley a "Bridgeport Rat" declares Union-workers

Big Rat in Bridgeport.jpg
Oct 11, 2006 Non-Union workers in Chicago are not welcome said one Union Official. Bridgeport with the wealth of income from the Mayor’s Mob Boyz and 26th street crew enterprises are building million dollar homes right next to Pork Processing Plants. (Bridgeporters do not know any better) Member’s of Laborers Local 4 are protesting, a former Streets and Sanitation Union Operating Engineer’s scab company is building non-union in the heart of old man Daley’s neighborhood at Lowe and Pershing. (39th street and Lowe, Chicago). “John Daley is a “Rat”. What is he going to do about this, look at the guys behind the “Rat” and you decide if this company is taking advantage of illegal immigrants”. “We also know what is going on with the Chicago Inspectors”, said a picketer. “Mayor Daley will not get a penny from Chicago Unions or we are voting leadership out”, said another laborer. I guess the Chicago Unions are waking up. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mike Quigley Jesse Jackson Jr. Patrick McDonough Tommy Bennett

Mike Quigley, Jesse, Me, and Tommy Bennett.jpg
On Thursday October 5, 2006 after an exhausting day at the embroiled Department of Water Management, I attended class at Roosevelt College in Chicago. Two famous Congressmen Jesse Jackson Jr. 2nd district (D-IL) and Congressman Ray LaHood 18th district (R-IL) spoke to a class given by Tom Roeser right after the “Foley page scandal” hit the news. Both gentlemen were brilliant and explained their points of view based upon their constituents needs. Jackson was given an A by the class in every category. This picture has two potential rivals against Mayor Daley and was the day before Daley and Jackson spoke on the Chicago School System which is in ruins with Daley asleep at the switch as usual. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Mike Quigley would make great Mayors of Chicago. I think Jackson has what it takes to clean up the failures, clout, and corruption, the Daley legacies. Photo by Tony Joyce.

Chicago Clout Cliff Kelley Tom Roeser Terry Brunner Video

As we all know, I have been harping about all the wild spending in Chicago for quite some time. Let us face the facts, Chicago under the direction of Mayor Richard Daley knows the obvious, Chicago is broke. Chicago is financially busted. One source of riches is Chicago O’Hare Airport. A 20+ billion dollar expansion is underway. Terrence Brunner is a friend of mine I met at the Aviation Integrity Project. Chicago is selling assets to cover up the losses from waste and mismanagement. Watch this video starring J. Terrence Brunner, Cliff Kelley, (Radio and media star from WVON) and Tom Roeser, famous columnist and radio personality. Patrick McDonough was also featured in this stunning series, more in route. Hey can’t wait for those new tax bills Chicago! Click video here Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley's Hired Truck Scandal Video

Frank Avila and Patrick McDonough host Issue Forum Chicago Clout 1click here to watch video The Mayor Daley Hired Truck Program involved many more aspects to the way business is done in the Crime ridden Daley Administration. Hired Truck program involved phony minority business, scam Union oversight, and back door deals. Enjoy this video with Jamie Hernandez, a Hired Truck Contractor that got the shaft. Angelo Fata, a teamster and driver for the City of Chicago. Angelo is also running a slate to lead the 726 Teamsters. The same Teamster Membership that voted not to endorse Mayor Daley. Frank Avila is the top lawyer in Chicago for employees hurt by Chicago Mismanagement. Patrick McDonough is the Whistle-blower in the Hired Truck Scandal uncovered by Mark Brown at the Chicago Sun-Times. Enjoy Patrick McDonough

Chicago Residency Law City Worker Fired Video

Not long ago, I received a e-mail from a fired Chicago City Worker. His name is Andre Watson. He told me his story. Another forman in the Chicago Department of Water Management asked me to help Andre. Andre is a highly valued worker in the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation. He was fired for violation of Chicago Residency Law. This disturbing video shows the Nazi, Gestapo tactics used by Mayor Daley’s Inspector General. All Chicago City Employees must see this video. A copy of this video will be sent to the U.S. Department of Justice. If you want a heads up on the way Chicago City Workers are treated click here The video is by Frank Avila a famous Chicago Lawyer and Patrick McDonough of Chicago Clout. Let us hope this criminal act is corrected. Andre Watson should be rehired by Chicago Department of Human Resources NOW!!!! Patrick McDonough