Chicago Water Management handing out more demotions.

Luci Pope was in the Central District today asking Chicago Plumbers and Caulkers to sign purple colored papers so you can have a chance to be an acting Foreman. I think we need a published list to keep track of this new policy. I am not knocking it at all, yet. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management should be more open and forward on these new policies and post everything. But, why would anyone sign a purple piece of paper, more to this than meets the eye. Back to you soon. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago is Green? "Not at all", says Chicago Tribune Writer

Please read this great article by Michael Hawthorne of the Chicago Tribune in today’s paper. I said on many different blogs and web sites the the City of Chicago is not green unless you are talking about cash bribes. Many yuppies said I was wrong, guess I was right on the money. Please, Chicago must improve the environment as we are next to a major source of the country’s water supply. No more phony “Green Policies Mayor Daley. Click here :,0,4714874.story?coll=chi-business-hed So all you eco-dudes, call Mayor Daley and tell him to tell the truth. Patrick McDonough.

Greg Brewer Alderman 50th Ward? Very Possible

Greg Brewer.jpg
Alderman Stone better hustle, Chicago’s 50th Ward candidate for Alderman sure looks impressive. I ask all my friends in the 50th Ward including all Chicago City Workers to take a close look at Greg Brewer. I met Greg’s staff at a Blogger Breakfast this morning at the Beef and Brandy Restaurant. Great idea, is that a first? Many of Chicago Top Bloggers attended and the first of it’s kind event was a success. Greg is very nice and down to earth candidate, also I was very impressed by his staff, two top-gun political types. Please visit his web site, click here: The campaign phone number is (773) 559-5848. Greg would lead the 50th Ward with skill, finesse, and dignity. Remember, the 50th Ward is very diverse and the residents told me they are ready for change. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Patrick McDonough and States Attorney Richard "Dick" Devine

McD and Devine.jpg
On November 16, 2006, I had the opportunity to ask several questions of Cook County State’s Attorney Dick Devine.
As we all know, I hate to waste a chance to grill the high and mighty. I am lucky as I am not a member of the main stream media, and I do not need to face many of the politicians I meet, on a regular basis. I hope you understand, I have respect, but I do not ask soft questions. I was really queasy with Dick, because he does not make good eye contact, and I cannot stand that in a politician. My first question was about Jon Burge and a very long answer ensued. Dick brought up Aaron Patterson and I guess he was not as offended as I thought he would be at Jon Burge’s actions. It seems he was relieved about the Statue of Limitations and he did not need to prosecute Jon’s deeds. Next, I asked about the hiring of Alexander Vroustouris, a disgraced former Inspector General of Mayor Daley’s Administration, the former Inspector General only chased low level employees and not the Clout heavy crooks that steal millions from Chicago Taxpayers. I also asked about his investigations into Political Corruption in Chicago. Dick said, He hired Voustouris, and Al was not able to catch the big fish in Chicago because the lack of money and Dick said he could not investigate political corruption due to the limited resources he has.

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Plumber blames city (Chicago) for Trench Collapse by Fran Spielman

Fran Spielman wrote an article that exposes a problem with the City of Chicago and Chicago Department of Water Management. Please enjoy this article, click here:,CST-NWS-water17.article I am an unabashed fan of Fran Spielman, as she cuts through the red tape when writing about Chicago Politics. I hope when you read the Chicago Sun-Times you also read the business section as Fran writes business articles on a regular basis. She writes about Chicago City Hall and it’s effect on Chicago Business. Bottom line is every Chicago City Worker can count on a fair reporter with Fran, she is very impartial, and will report the facts. Thank you for the article, and I hope it makes well needed trench safety a priority. It was an honor to be mentioned in this important article. Patrick McDonough

Chicago Residency Law Update More I.G. Scams

Dear Chicago City Workers. Last week another Chicago City Plumber was sent to Mayor Daley’s Inspector General to be investigated for residency violations. The Chicago Inspector General’s office is across the street from Chicago City Hall. When you enter the Inspector General’s reception area, a picture of a youthful Mayor Daley is hung on the wall. So much for the Inspector General’s independence, right? The Plumber told me yesterday he went to the I.G. after they attempted to pick him up in a city car on the job-site about a week ago. (More Gestapo Tactics). The plumber was “represented” by a Plumber’s Local 130 Business Agent. The plumber resigned last week but was allowed to work until today, his final day. The Plumber also told me what I already knew, he was threatened with his brother’s termination unless he resigned. The family allegedly involved is the Guilfoyle Family, direct blood from Mayor Richard J. Daley’s wife’s family. Ole Man Daley took pride in helping in helping family, this Mayor is disgusting. Mayor Daley’s Administration spends billions of Taxpayers money on contractors located outside the city limits. It was just in the paper months ago, residency investigations were on the back burner. Trust me on this, Mayor Daley is cleaning out the closet of any possible embarrassments, between TIF’s and O’Hare expansion, and the contracts, Daley and Money are “Job One”. Please call that 20 year Plumber and wish him the best. Time to terminate the political Chicago Residency Laws.