John Polishak Chicago Department of Water Management Caulker

On the front page of Chicago Sun-Times was a picture of John Polishak, a Chicago Department of Water Management Caulker, in the Brown’s Chicken Massacre Jury. “Hang-em high Polishak” wanted the death penalty.
Gravel theft charges dropped against 2 city workers
Chicago Sun-Times, Jun 22, 2001 by FRAN SPIELMAN
A judge has dismissed misdemeanor theft charges against two laborers for the Chicago Water Department, ruling that there was no evidence they knew that the load of gravel they dumped in the driveway of one of the workers belonged to the city.
The surprise ruling by Circuit Judge Mark Ballard marks the latest in a series of legal setbacks for city Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris, whose investigative tactics have been under fire by Chicago aldermen.
Earlier this year, Chicago taxpayers paid an electrician assigned to O’Hare Airport $232,000 in back pay-the equivalent of nearly four years’ salary-after a judge overturned a residency case put together by the inspector general’s office.
Now Ballard has ruled in favor of John Polishak, a $29.65-an-hour caulker, and Robert Depietro, a $23.35-an-hour laborer.
The Chicago Sun-Times reported in March that Polishak and Depietro had been placed on administrative leave after allegedly driving off with a private contractor’s leased truck and dumping up to a ton of city-owned gravel in Depietro’s driveway. The incident was videotaped by city investigators, who had staked out Depietro’s home in the 4800 block of North Montclare. And the inspector general allegedly found that Polishak altered time sheets to cover up the dumping.
I cannot believe John Poliskak did not have a conflict sitting on this jury. I mean, John was falsely accused by the Chicago Inspector General, right? On a personal level, John is a very hard worker and almost paranoid of losing his job again. I must say those Chicago Department of Water Management employees sure get in the newspaper quite a bit, don’t they? Chicago Clout Patrick McDonough.

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Chicago March 10 Movement Leader Jorge Mujica Murias

Jorge Mujica Murias.jpg
Today, One of the top leaders of Chicago’s Immigration and March 10 Movement is Jorge Mujica Murias. I have enjoyed my conversation with him and his commitment to this powerful attempt to improve rights of Immigrants. Jorge is a humble and determined leader. He is on the front line during a rally to help a young lady that is separated from family in Mexico. Remember, Mexicans in Chicago have turned 26th street into a major money maker for Chicago. Sales Taxes are generated everyday in Chicago Mexican Communities. Politicians know that. My only suggestion to the Mexican-American population, make sure all of you are registered to vote. Please read this article, click here:,CST-NWS-immi18.article Jorge Mujica also knows Frank Avila Jr., a famous Chicago Lawyer and political activist for the Hispanic Community. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Chicago Clout.

Chicago's Little Village Pray for Immigration Reform

Prayers for Immigration Reform.jpg
Today, in Chicago’s Little Village at 26th and Albany, a young mother was crying because her husband was sent back to Mexico. A large crowd was at the rally so everyone is made aware of her horrible situation. A Catholic priest said many prayers and singers sang song after song. This was a very sad event, I hope this Immigration Issue is settled fairly and equitably. Please read this article, click here:,CST-NWS-family18.article Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago 11th Ward Control Taxicab Inspections

Chicago Taxicab Inspection Facility.jpg
Please read this article about Chicago Taxicab Issues, click here:,CST-FIN-resign16.article and understand how Mayor Daley has a revolving door with multiple conflict of Interest issues. This is not good Government. Also, If you look around Chicago’s 11th Ward, you will find construction that is paid for with Chicago Taxpayer dollars. The Daley Boyz are smart to steer construction and jobs all up and down Pershing Road. (39th Street) Many large facilities pour millions of dollars from workers into the local 11th ward economy. Streets and Sanitation, Water Management, Police….. on and on it goes. You can also control hiring and control the workforce. (AKA MONEY) Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley wants Casinos in Chicago No Way!!!,CST-NWS-daley17.articleMayor Daley crook.jpg
Would you allow this rat to have a Casino, run by his family, for the benefit of Chicago? Daley says the Chicago Government would get approximately 85% of the profit. This Casino is a false promise to people that can least afford to gamble. This Casino in Chicago would empower the 11th Ward beyond belief. This Casino would be run by Daley and the Mob, one and the same. Fight any Casio proposal in Chicago. The gambling in Chicago has ruined enough lives and marriages. When was the last time the Daley Administration was on T.V. announcing a major bust and arrests for members of the Chicago Mob? Patrick McDonough.

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Cook County Signs Tell All

Cook County Signs.jpg
Look at this sign in the Cook County Forest Preserves in Chicago-land. Todd Stroger needs to employ more Union Tradesman. The Layoffs of front line workers repair these signs. Cook County does not need more high paid consultants and more high paid managers. Let us get off our rear-ends and clean up the Chicago Area Forest Preserves Now. The Forest Preserves are a disgrace. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

David McDonough after the Operation

Cute Dog Toy Poodle.jpg
I got this Cute Toy Poodle Dog for David during his stay at the Hospital this weekend. When I talk about Clout and Politics, I hope it never enters a Surgical Room. My God, could you imagine if a doctor doing the surgery said I hope thing go well, but if it does not, I am related to Daley. I always recommend Advocate Lutheran Hospitals in the Chicago-land area, they are the best. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

David McDonough O.K. After Operation

child after operation.jpg
Thanks everyone, David had a long hospital stay with complications. He got out today. Watching a sick child especially when he is yours is a humbling experience, Thanks for the phone calls. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Minority Areas Targeted By Daley's Revenue Department

I had this story a long time ago. Mayor Daley does not patrol the white neighborhoods the way he patrols the poor neighborhoods. If you notice the Revenues trucks, they are some of the only Chicago City Trucks with-out Mayor Daley’s name on the sides. The Chicago Newspaper Reporters need to review the Tow Companies that are located in the suburbs. Also look into the Chicago Outfit-Mayor Daley Clout Ties. Patrick McDonough