Chicago Water Consultant Probe Widens

Is there enough chlorine in Chicago drinking water to remove the feces? Do I mean fishes? No, SHIT. Somebody got things WONG. (Ah HA) Oh, Oscar!!

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has many important jobs to do. To accomplish that goal they should hire licensed water experts. That can mean lab personnel, licensed plumbers, engineers, scientists, and licensed certified plumbing inspectors. For at least several decades, the Department hired political hacks, nobodies, fired alderman, criminal, child molesters, and consultants.

Rahm Emanuel has insisted on hacks, political operatives, and other non-qualified do nothing to cover-up crimes. Rahm Emanuel has allowed caulkers to again be hired despite a ban to do so. As soon as Plumbers’ Local 130 hired the likes of Mike Tierney, I knew the same old shit would happen again.

The DOWM is now under the microscope as the consultants failed to provide safe drinking water to the Chicago public and have an epidemic of major proportions on their hands. According to sources at the Mayor’s office, Rahm is shutting this down. Rahm ordered the Water Police out of the Jardine Plant to keep things under wraps. The Chief Plumbing Inspector and others just died. The City covered up he was living in the suburbs, but according to several insiders, the Inspector General was blackmailed into doing nothing. More on this later.

According to the Mayors’ Office, the Water Department chief honcho, Julie Hernandez-Pope-Hansen Tomlin, broke her foot and cannot return phone calls. I hope that was from her kicking the former consultants that put Chicago drinking water in jeopardy out of the Jardine Plant. Also, the Commissioner’s Office, the Information Officer Megan Vadis, is not returning calls.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a pipe lining program to avoid replacing sewer mains for a few extra years, and reputedly the sewer lines were placed too close to the water mains and now people are enjoying stool in their water. You might want to have a roll of Charmin to wipe your mouth after drinking water in Chicago folks. Drink bottled water and I suggest you stock up on all you can get.

Drink bottled water folks, you heard it here. This is Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s legacy. This is not the first time this has happened, this was front-page news in the Chicago Sun-Times when kids were drinking feces. In the Sun-Times, Rahm said nothing to a rude dude that said, “Make these media a-holes run some of these little pieces to off-set when [they] run all over the crappy shooting stories and tell them it’s their job to balance the news. We will see if the Chicago Media will investigate this. They won’t.

As the City of Chicago’s most powerful plumber, I say, “Don’t drink the water”. Also, if have a drink with a brown floater on the top of your glass, it is not peanut butter. You have been warned.

Chicago Department of Water Management Bloodletting

The City of Chicago is again quietly attempting to reconstruct. Future Mayor Lightfoot is going to have a major task deciding what to do with the most corrupt Department in Chicago. Is Lori Lightfoot going to attempt to keep the same management team, keep part of the management team, or do a complete overhaul? The Department of Water Management has separated key management personnel into two teams” Team Lightfoot and Team Preckwinkle. The Department of Water Management is under great strain to back the “right candidate” to keep their jobs. I am certain, the entire DOWM team is toast. The Unions are sick of all the horseplay, wasting time attempting to minimize the hassles their members have. Working for the DOWM is akin to a hellish nightmare.

To make things worse, Rahm Emanuel has been promoting many clout heavy workers to union covered positions and they can not be removed from service. According to one Lightfoot insider, that, “Ms. Lightfoot is fully aware and ready address damage control.” “Ms. Lightfoot is ready to right the ship and take drastic measures to have the kind of leadership that will not make newspapers for the next few years.”

Consulting companies hidden quietly in the Jardine Plant are going to strip the bark off the tree. Rahm Emanuel used DOWM contracts to entice companies to move to Chicago. The Chicago Media attends opulent corporate headquarter ceremonies to announce to the gullible public Rahm’s great achievements of landing company after company. Rahm Emanuel in his fancy suit forgot to tell the public, he gave no-bid contracts and set up insider deals for millions of dollars of no bid contracts, arranged takeovers of companies with the outsiders. Rahm Emanuel will make millions in speaking fees right after he steps down. The CTA, the Transportation Department, The DOWM, and others, had Commissioners that just stood by and allowed the criminal entities to flourish.

The face of the consulting business in Chicago is massively profitable, for lawyers, engineering firms, and others. The sale of bonds also profited insiders that know how to keep their mouths shut. Banking is great as Chicago poor struggle to pay the taxes, fines, and fees. I was not surprised how Rahm Emanuel stuck to the script when he announced EXP US Services chose Chicago to be its new home. All the cameras and reporters told a tale of Rahm’s newest conquest for the taxpayers of Chicago. The arrangement was complex as Teng got gobbled up. Amazing. Did Chicago become a winner when this company and others are really given massive amounts of incentives to move to Chicago? When basically the pieces of the pie is just resliced?

The Department of Water Management is again on high alert as consultants had failed miserably to serve taxpayers. The heat is on and folks are getting walked off the DOWM sites. One company in the picture above is called Reliable. They are experts on getting on the public grave train. Many contractors are on high alert for my calls. Today I tried to get a straight answer about a tumbling basin under construction at Belden and Milwaukee Avenue. The entire intersection is blocked off and work is slow a molasses.

The City crews worked hard and did the Lion’s share of the project on the side streets. The connection is part of a “Special Program”. I hope Lori Lightfoot looks at these “Special Programs”.  More on this later.

I am also almost complete with a multi-month video investigation and time delay investigation for Chicago Taxpayers. Somehow video cameras were mounted inside the grills of DOWM parked trucks, rental equipment, front end loaders, and various sites to verify theft of DOWM material. Amazing. Time delay and night vision are amazing tolls of the trade. After Rahm Emanuel leaves office, we are again going to demand the Chicago Police release the FOIA on Rahm’s son attack. Wait till you read that ditty.

I have not made my mind up on releasing several months of investigations into DOWM Management companies hiring folks that live in the suburbs. One of the consultants has a face so demented looking form decades of smoking, kissing ass, laughing at people, and backstabbing, one could not imagine allowing himself such abuse to oneself. Since his bosses are getting fired, I get to that story later. I again demand Megan Vidas to answer her phone. Chicago taxpayers are not paying you to play hide and go seek. Do your job and answer the press.

Mike “the envelope” Tierney and Lightfoot Campaign

Plumbers’ Local 130 for Lightfoot

Plumbers Local 130 is hedging their bets with Lori Lightfoot after having their ass handed to them with the failed endorsement of Willie Daley. William “Willie” Daley has always been in the background making millions for the family enterprises. The Daley family has ruined Chicago finances and profited greatly in the stroke.

The fat guy in the right of the picture is Michael Tierney. Mike Tierney is an opportunist of the lowest type. The Feds are going to want to talk to Mike about the great cash business he has making judges in Cook County. The judges pay millions to the Democratic Organization to get elected and insiders have fake addresses, names, and access to fix lawsuits and cases. The making of the judges was done at the Plumbers hall with Alderman Burke and others making sure the judges that rule the right way are on the ballot.

Mike Tierney got a real scare when Chicago Department of Water Management employees reported his “pay to play” for overtime. The Chicago Inspector General did nothing about it. The hired truck scandal revealed the North District loaded “B-Boxes” stuffed with cash and headed to the Jardine Plant to the pockets of the likes of Donald Tomczak. Mike Tierney always preferred “Caulkers” and said in sworn oath, that “Caulkers are better than Plumbers”. I sure he really meant lining his pockets with cash O.T. bribes.

Mike Tierney could not even get a permit for his own house when he added a second floor. He hired a water main company to front the Plumber’s permit. That Water Main company did not even install residential plumbing. More fraud on Tierney’s part.

When Tierney was interviewed by the bullshit Inspector General during the Hired Truck Scandal, he started running and lost lots of weight. Now it is back on due to the hard-working Plumbers high dues to keep this pig fed. Now that the Southsiders’ are jumping on Lori Lightfoot’s bandwagon, expect the same bunch to keep fixing promotions, water main installation jobs, and consulting at the Department of Water Management.

Careful Lori Lightfoot, you will need some good eyes at the Department of Water Management to straighten out the corruption.  Alderman Burke will make your like miserable until you remove him

Why Aldermen Who Need Extra Help Call Ed Burke

A WTTW News Exclusive

Paris Schutz | March 14, 2019 6:07 pm

In this May 4, 2011 file photo, Ald. Ed Burke speaks at a Chicago City Council meeting. (AP Photo / M. Spencer Green, File)

In this May 4, 2011 file photo, Ald. Ed Burke speaks at a Chicago City Council meeting. (AP Photo / M. Spencer Green, File)

Members of the Chicago City Council are allocated $190,000 out of the city budget to hire three staffers to work in their aldermanic offices. But many aldermen feel that’s not enough to dutifully manage their wards.

Enter Ald. Ed Burke.

For years, Burke ran what amounts to an employee loan-out program from his perch as head of City Council’s powerful Finance Committee. How it has historically worked: Alderman would get an additional employee to work on their staff for free – the staffers were paid using funds from the Finance Committee’s budget – if they asked and Burke agreed. It’s one of many ways the 14th Ward alderman has held sway over his City Council colleagues.

“When faced with a request that their office is overwhelmed and needs help, they’ll go see Ed Burke, everybody knows that,” said one City Hall insider who asked not to be named. “It’s a way of exercising control.”

Burke held the position of chairman of City Council’s Committee on Finance until the end of 2018, when he stepped down after the U.S. attorney’s office charged him with attempted extortion and implied there was a deeper investigation underway. According to a database of Finance Committee employees in 2018, at least five employees who were paid for by Burke’s committee were loaned out to work on the staffs of other aldermen. WTTW News has confirmed the names of five aldermen who accepted the free extra help: Ald Brian Hopkins (2nd), Ald. Marty Quinn (13th), Ald. Walter Burnett (27th), Ald. Nicholas Sposato (38th) and Ald. Matthew O’Shea (19th).

Some aldermen we spoke with say they believe the actual number of employees loaned out by Burke is higher.

Sposato says he sought help because his physical condition was deteriorating due to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, and that he often needed someone to assist him with getting from one event to another. His staff member is listed in the database as a “Clerk of the City Council” on the Finance Committee’s payroll with a salary of just more than $25,000.

“Two years ago I asked Ed Burke, ‘Look, I have a problem.’” Sposato said. “He goes, ‘What’s that?’ I say, ‘I always need someone with me. Is there anyway possible I can get someone?’ I heard he gives employees to people that are overwhelmed. And he said, ‘Yeah no problem, but she’ll have to work 35 hours a week.’”

Sposato says that Burke never pressured him to return the favor.

“I never got that implication,” Sposato said. “Ed Burke is one of the kindest, most helpful people I’ve ever met. He was always a gentleman. This is something he would do for anybody. He never twisted my arm or asked me for anything.”

Hopkins has an employee who regularly sends out his 2nd Ward newsletter. But that employee is listed as a “Legislative Aide” on the Finance Committee – with a salary of $71,964. Hopkins acknowledged that the employee used to work full-time for his office, but currently works full-time on the Finance Committee and sends out the 2nd Ward newsletter as a part-time job. Hopkins says he pays the employee to perform that specific function out of his staff budget, but that there’s nothing nefarious about accepting the help from Burke.

“The Committee on Finance has for years had the largest aldermanic budget and the highest amount of staff,” Hopkins said. “Those staff that work for them are City Council staff, so when they’re working for other alderman, as long as they’re performing city duties, they’re still considered aldermanic employees.”

A spokesperson for Burnett says the employee he had, paid for by Burke’s Finance Committee, no longer works for the 27th Ward alderman. An employee in Quinn’s office confirmed that a staffer paid for by the Finance Committee still works on Quinn’s 13th Ward staff. (Quinn is a strong ally and campaign worker for Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.) O’Shea did not respond to calls seeking comment.

City Inspector General Joe Ferguson confirms the practice has been commonplace in City Council and says it doesn’t violate any city hiring ordinances.

“It is a way for aldermen to be indebted to Burke for a favor, and a way for Burke to have one of ‘his’ people on the staff of an alderman that can report back to him,” Ferguson said.

Other aldermen have said the help extends beyond Burke offering free employees.

“Burke has covered things like office infrastructure, cellphone bills, and would help an alderman meet payroll if they were falling short, all paid for by the Finance Committee,” said one alderman who asked not to be named. When asked what Burke wants in return, the alderman said one word: “Loyalty.”

Burke was replaced as Finance Committee chairman by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s City Council floor leader, Ald. Pat O’Connor (40th).

Neither Burke nor O’Connor returned calls seeking comment.

Chicago Water Department Armed Robbery and CarJack

When will the madness and coverups stop at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management?

When you are attempting to write a story, and the City of Chicago Department of Water Management media department of covering up crime and mayhem, what does a famous author do? I call my homey at the Mayor’s office and get the truth.

I have been reporting the constant crime spree at the Chicago Water Department for years and years. Only one person besides Rahm Emanuel should be blamed. Ralph “No Show” Chiczewski is leading a clown posse making every excuse in the book to hide the shenanigans at the water department. Ralph was sued by activist Andy Thayer of Loevy and Loevy. Another expensive lawsuit for Chicago taxpayers.

Andy Thayer is a friend of mine and a true friend of all Chicago.

Why the heck is Ralph still screwing around the Water Department when he has a nice CPD Police pension? Let’s find out.

On March 5, 2019 the following happened at the 2300 block of North Washtenaw.

A 57-year-old women was assaulted at a City of Chicago Sewer Pipe Job. The City of Chicago has many jobsites with large rental trailers with private security and watchmen. The watchmen do not carry PERK cards, guns, or are trained in security protocols. When the Lady was attempting to leave the jobsite, one of the offenders pointed a gun at the victim and ordered her to surrender her keys. The lady complied and ran down Washtenaw. The offenders took her car and then took off down Milwaukee Avenue.

The Security and Safety Department are in the process of hiring five more employees. Just what we need, more employees to tell Ralph what a great guy he is, as he shows up late to the Jardine Plant every day. Folks get shot in the face when working for the DOWM, assaulted by homeowners, scammed out of their benefits all the time. Maybe David Axelrod can bullshit Rahm about politics, but when he places his pals to do public relations at the water department, make sure Megan Vidis does her job.

William Daley lets down insiders

Not many people know I have more access than the average media T.V. Star. As the City’s most powerful Plumber, (had to say that) I have pretty good inside information that 99% of the population will never know. I leak things out to the media so they can sell some newspapers and T.V. ads to keep them going. Many times, the media shuts me down for a while and allows crap to get out of control. I than call my pals at the ‘Do Good Department”, and they get corruption under control. Sad but true.

I followed Daley and his campaign from the start. I followed some of Chicago’s sleaziest City Workers and Union Goons to get the inside scoop. Daley attracted former city workers fired for misconduct, and some of the nastiest azz kissers I ever met. I give this vermin credit, they know where their bread is buttered. They do not know how to work, but somehow find the next coattail to ride.

I also followed union reps and found them in bed with the business elite in Chicago. All for Daley. Daley was going to keep all the nasty pay to play City contractors and keep the unions running the jobs and contracts. Every insider at the Department of Water Management was going after Daley and making their presence known. Surely, they thought, Daley would keep all the Commissioners, and nothing would ever change.

Big juicy gift cards, hotels rooms, wife swapping, bar hopping, travel across the country.

Fancy clothes, cars, and big deals at the casino. What a lifestyle.

So how could the most well-known name in Chicago politics lose? What an insult. Bill was the inside guy that did all the inside deals. While Rich put his face in public, Bill hide in the boardroom. Obama gave Bill some resume padding with do nothing political jobs in D.C.

The real reasons why Bill Daley lost is because his own brother Richard Daley never said a word on his brothers’ behalf. Bill ratted out his brother and said he was his own man.

Jerry Joyce took the exact votes Daley needed. The Cops and Fireman screwed Daley.

Daley thought the election was his and missed debates. Susana Mendoza stuck it up his tush at debates. Daley taking the debate skip and showing up at the Plumbers Union showed Daley was bought by the Rahm Emanuel hoods. Lawyers and big business wanted “business as usual”.

Many Chicago City Commissioners are in real trouble now. Many Chicago vendors and their no-bid contracts are on the line. No bid contracts with law firms are on the line. Chicago has a real chance to fix the city, I suggest you take a close look at Lori Lightfoot.

Within a few months after the next election, if you see the same contractors and Commissioners, you know you were conned again.

Lori Lightfoot for Mayor

Lori Lightfoot

We at Chicago Clout have a reputation for asking people not to vote for a certain candidate for Mayor of Chicago. We at Chicago Clout love to expose people in office that are self-serving, and machine run. Chicago is run by a large organization behind the scenes. A multi-billion-dollar group of insiders spend every penny that is not glued down. They control contracts, consulting deals, supplies, and legal business.  

These people tell the Mayor what to do and funnel money to outside groups that provide millions to Chicago candidates. It is not a coincidence they control elections and outcomes. This 2018 and 2019 election was no exception.

Not long ago, candidates against Rahm Emanuel were ready to take on the mayor and provide him an embarrassing exit. Some big names join the race when Rahm left because they were told to. They diffused the race to their discredit. The only candidate that can be controlled is Toni. If you think the head of the Cook County Democratic Party is independent, then you are cray cray. Toni has access to millions because of her loyalty to the old-style Chicago democratic machine.

Would Toni remove Alderman Edward Burke from office and clean out the corruption? NO. Burke has his hands in everything financial in Chicago and is only running again so Chicago taxpayers will pay his legal fees. Burke has dragged workers compensation cases on for no reason. (more on that later) Burke has taken money from no-bid contractors and given to candidates that will allow him to run free and continue stealing everything.

On February 25, 2019, an emergency meeting was held at the Department of Water Management to discuss the politics of the Mayoral race. Lightfoot can not be counted on to keep the same Management team Rahm Emanuel and Daley placed to keep the contracts in place. The FOIAs blocked by the Asst. Commissioner of Safety and Security at the DOWM, Ralph Chiczewski, will be exposed and the cat will be out of the bag. FOIAs such as the multi-million-dollar settlements due to injuries will be exposed soon.

Cover-ups on the massive drinking water scandals will soon be exposed and people will go to jail. (please drink bottled water Chicago).

Chicago’s greatest problem is the last batch of promotions under the control of Rahm Emanuel at the many departments. Rahm told a Federal judge how he was going to make sure politics was out and quality candidates would be promoted. LIES.

No matter who becomes Mayor of Chicago, she will need to deal with the unqualified employees made under Rahm. The contracts to Commissioners are the least of Chicago’s problems. The open-ended contracts with no oversite are problem number one.

Chicago problem number two is the lack of a free press. Most media are now just rewritten pieces from one outlet to the next. You can switch from one T.V. station to the next and hear the exact same stories. Sad.

As a City of Chicago Plumber and member of the media, I can tell you I had full access to many of the mayoral campaigns in the last mayoral election. I watched great “geniuses” advise candidates on every aspect of the race. I also watched a street wise advisor not used to his full potential. The insiders knew the original candidates for mayor were very talented. The candidates were wasting time on small meetings, rehashing their past, and failing to make a sellable image. This was a reformer race and some candidates failed to portray themselves as reformers. Many of the candidates were far too nice and were afraid to corner another candidate.

No doubt Lori Lightfoot ran the best race and her media was the best. I also thought she was amazing in the way she presented herself. The Sun-Times endorsement really made some great momentum for her. Just recently Toni Preckwinkle was hammered by Fran Spielman on the Fran Spielman Show. I think we should let Fran Spielman loose and moderate an entire one-hour T.V. interview with both candidates. WTTW and Paris was also strong in professional coverage.

Rahm Emanuel left Chicago in dire straits, but he set up himself and his own. I saw that over eight years ago. In fact, Rahm left Chicago so bad, the next Mayor will never enjoy the job. Better get a fighter.