Can-TV Show Dates For Pat Dowell

Thank you Can-TV for putting the Election 2007 show on the air in record time. Please watch Election 2007: Pat Dowell for 3rd Ward Can-TV Channel 19 March 31, 2007 at 5:30 p.m. and April 14, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. Also, please oppose HB 1500. This bill is attempting to stop these public access shows. Unless you want to see incumbents with pre canned questions, call your politician now. More on this issue at: Show hosted by Frank Avila, technical staff, Tony Joyce, Randall Sherman, Bill Godomski, and produced by Patrick McDonough.

Pat Dowell in the Studio Tonight

Pat Dowell.jpg
Special thanks to Pat Dowell for her long wait tonight. Pat is a very intelligent candidate for 3rd ward Alderman in Chicago’s Election Runoff April 17, 2007. Please see Pat’s website, click here: She is well educated and a credit to all that work hard. Pat is pictured with Frank Avila, the host of our show. We will have Pat’s show on CAN-TV soon. Pat is endorsed by Illinois Committee for Honest Government. Pat Dowell is a class act. Thanks to Tony Joyce and Randall Sherman. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Naisy Dolar cool under pressure today!

Alone in the Studio.jpg
Today the Chicago Sun-Times had an article about some knucklehead that decided to bust up Bernie Stone’s Headquarters and write some anti-Semitic slurs. I think Bernie Stone has some paint on his hands with this latest stunt. Read here:,CST-NWS-stone20.article Also on page 12 of the paper, a picture was again manipulated to make the picture of Mayor Daley appear to be taller than Bernie Stone. Chicago Media has used every camera trick to hide Mayor Daley is very short, like a leprechaun. Unless you are blind you will see everything in the background is at an impossible angle. It is o.k. to be short, tall, fat, skinny, ect. Deal with it. Today Naisy’s staff contacted me for a show today to address this and other issues in the 50th ward. Naisy showed up in the studio on time with her staff and we all waited for the host which ended up caught up in court. After a day like Naisy Dolar had today, she showed she is cool under pressure and has the leadership skills to take reins in the 50th ward. Sorry about tonight Naisy, we will reschedule. Bernie, during a contested election like yours, I really doubt anyone messed up your election headquarters but you. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Twins 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2007.jpg
I really enjoy this picture of Chicago’s next generation of Plumbers. I hope these children understand to go through the entire five year apprentice program and become licenced and competent. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day 2007

St. Pat's 2007.jpg
I look forward to Saint Patrick’s Day and enjoyed the day with my twin sons. We spent the day downtown Chicago and had lots of fun. We marched with Plumber’s Local 130 as we have for two decades. My two leprechauns had a very nice day. Also Sarah, my Illinois Saint Patrick Day Queen was on Chicago’s ABC Channel 7 during the Parade. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley's Building Department under Federal Watch

Please read:,1,3420565.story?track=rss If you are a regular at Chicago Clout, you will not have been surprised the F.B.I. was at 120 North Racine. The regular reader knows I have told you about the Construction street tax. This is one of the versions, you call for a permit on a multiple unit building and request a permit for two units. The permit is for drywall and doors. However, the entire building is rehabbed from the basement to the top floor. All you need is a inspector or two, and willing supervisors. Problem is the big shots are still getting a pass. A limited permit can make a contractor millions extra. I was surprised the F.B.I. was working with the I.G., that was withheld from me as I am not yet impressed with the New I.G. Did you know the Chicago Plumbers are involved? Well any contractor in Chicago knows a donation the the local Alderman helps with inspections, we printed that here a long time ago. Patrick McDonough

More Cover-ups at Chicago Department of Water Management

Must Read :,1,2597241.story?coll=chi-newslocal-hed Make sure you read this article that is the tip of the iceberg into a ongoing investigation. Also mentioned is yours truly, Patrick McDonough. Special thanks to the many staff writers at the Chicago Tribune, and especially Gary Washburn. The corruption is so ingrained at the Chicago Department of Water Management, they just keep doing the same dumb stuff. Much more to this story. The Chicago Inspector General dropped the ball on this one. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Department of Water Management Payroll Problem

Chicago's bitter cold.jpg
Enjoy this picture taken very late at night on the South Side of Chicago. Chicago Department of Water Management employees worked around the clock to make sure vital city services were supplied. This picture reminded me of a scene from “Escape from New York”. That night was brutally cold but Chicago’s Union Employees worked throughout the night. The acting foreman on the job that night was Nate Foggs, a licenced plumber. I shot this picture with no flash. Today was a bad day as many of the workers that braved this bitter cold did not receive the proper overtime two pay periods running. Some men like Robert Woodridge, a Reverend, was very upset. My pay was short but not too bad, they watch me pretty close. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Department of Water Management Serves the Public

Archie High1.jpg
Archie High shows respect for our Chicago elderly citizens. I am glad to see such compassion still exists. Do you think Archie will ever get an award or a thank you for such a honorable act? Archie has worked for the City of Chicago for over thirty years and was never promoted. On another note: three of Mayor Daley’s HDO members, that got city jobs, are suing Chicago. Those HDO guys sure catch on quick, don’t they? Photo by Patrick McDonough.