Chicago Highway Marking Contractors

Chicago Lane Marking Contractors.jpg
When the City of Chicago has the lines for the lanes painted in the main streets and side streets they hire a company located in South Elgin. ( Marking Specialists) Call 1-847-608-6614 for a company that takes work from Chicago City Workers. The Workers from this company do not need to live in Chicago, do not need drug testing, do not have GPS on their trucks, and do not have to pay Mayor Daley’s huge taxes. These workers are so lucky as they do no need to put up with the scandals and corruption the Daley’s made this city famous for. Location of photo: in front of the City of Chicago Central District Yard, Ashland and 39th street. Looks like privatization to me!! And you vote this administration in office? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Clout Mission Statement.

Some people employed by the City of Chicago have over time had difficulties while performing their duties. Needless to say, many people have been passed over for promotions and opportunities, for employment, for advancement, and for job satisfaction. A large amount of employees of the City of Chicago have given up going through the process of trying to make change, due to revenge and retaliation. Frankly, many City of Chicago employees feel shame and are very scared to come forward. In evidence is numerous cases of excessive drinking, drug use, and violence. I remember when my Father and Grandfather were employed by Chicago, and the respect and glamour the job used to own has lost it shine and prestige. Some Chicago Employees wish to turn back time and have as our war cry, “Take out the politics out, and put back the pride back in”. Please continue to call me and I will make sure your concerns are directed to the correct parties and I will never discuss anything you want to talk about.

Sorich Trial/ Mara Georges/ Jennifer Hoyle

Jennifer Hoyle.jpg
On June 13, 2006, I was at the Sorich Trial. Durkin made mention to Jennifer Hoyle that is pictured above. Most of Chicago Media Superstars were on hand like Mark Brown, John Kass, and a great supporting staff from both Chicago Newspapers. Ms. Hoyle was joking during most of the testimony with numerous City Attorneys. Nice way to spend taxpayer money. Mara gave some answers that defied logic and drew laughter. Sad. Patrick Fitzgerald showed up just prior to Mara and sat down for a short few minutes until a check was handed to him. Earlier my daughter testified on behalf of the State of Illinois’s Secretary of State regarding alleged fraud with a drivers instruction school. Honesty runs in the family. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Presiding Judge Ronald C. Riley

Judge Ronald C. Riley.jpg
Located in the Sixth Municipal District State of Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County 16501 South Kidzie Parkway Markham, Illinois 60428 is the home to Presiding Judge Ronald C. Riley. At the awards for community service, I met Judge Riley and found out he is the boss to Judge Martian E. McDonough, my godfather and my dad’s brother. Judge Riley was like a Political magnet to aspiring candidates for office. I found him to be very reserved and a man of the gentry. I give Judge Ronald C. Riley a very high clout rating. Also pictured is Brigid and Sarah McDonough. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago JC DeCaux Bus Shelters Union Organizing

JC Decaux.jpg
JC DeCaux has a contract that over twenty years is going to add $307,500,000.00 in new revenue to the City of Chicago. The contract allows two extensions of five years each. Some workers want you to know they are fighting for a union contract. They are non-union and want to join the Chicago teamster’s union. My god another non union company with a multi-million dollar deal working on Chicago Public Streets. And Chicago Unions give Mayor Daley money. What happen to the prevailing wage in Chicago. Is this another John Daley Hired Truck Scandal and low wage scab deal?. Let us look into this deal. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Employee Assistance Program

DePaul Center.jpg
The City of Chicago has an Employee Assistance Program as part of the Department of Human Relations. Many Chicago employees deal with corruption and fraud on a daily basis. Many Chicago employees watch political types get the promotions and overtime. Do not take your anger home to your family. Do you have marital problems? Call Robert Gardner, Clinical Therapist 3 M.S., CADC, CAMF @ 1-312-747-0399. The location is at DePaul Center, Suite 210 333 South State Street Chicago, Illinois 60604 Remember if the Politician’s family members get all the promotions do not get mad or upset, talk about it!! Best of all it is free. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. Picture

Rev. Jesse Jackson.jpg
One of my favorite subjects for a great picture is Jesse Jackson Sr. The man dresses just as well as Alderman Burke. Jesse Jackson Sr. was a staple at union rallies as I was growing up. If the unions wanted press they made sure Rev. Jackson gave one of his speeches. This picture was taken in Rev. Jackson’s personal office on April 16, 2005. I spoke about my termination from the City of Chicago. I also discussed the Rainbow Coalition. I was with my daughter Brigid. Jesse Jackson is a very kind person with hands that are very, very big. Reverend Jesse Jackson’s clout rating: Mega Clout in wait. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Tom Roeser WLS Radio 890 Chicago

Tom Roeser.jpg On November 27, 2005, I had the pleasure of talking to a very brilliant person that backs up what he says away from the spotlight. I also met Tom Roeser’s lovely wife. For years, I saw Tom at church as did many other people as he is a devote religious person. His son-in-law was a friend of mine when I was a young child. Tom Roeser’ Show airs Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. on WLS Talk Radio A.M. in Chicago. The show is called “Political Shootout”. Many in Chicago listen to a hour of sometimes rough and tumble political sparing. And if you call in you might get on the air! Tom Roeser web site is Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago's New F.B.I. Headquarters/ Sorich Trial

Chicago's New F.B.I. Headquarters.jpg
In the thick of Chicago’s Corruption Beltway, stands a new building to house Chicago’s Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mayor Daley, John Daley, and many politicians must wonder why the site picked is so close to Bridgeport. That might be because of the close proximity to Streets and Sanitation, Water Management, and Mobbed up Trucking Companies. It is also close to Bridgeport businesses that need a closer looking into. I heard some inside stuff that David Hoffman of the Chicago Inspector General is the real deal and would rather resign than get dirty. A promising sign. I still say call the F.B.I.’s new number at 1-312-421-6700. Ask for Public Corruption Section, they get the job done. Also Sorich trial update, today, Michael Madigan’s name was brought up often. The Bureau of Electricity is called “Madigan Electric”. Durkin dishing it out, careful Chicago Clout Boys. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

O'Hare Airport Contract Scams, Daley and Mob Friends

McDonough Boyle, and Brunner.jpg
Many years ago, I was working hard trying to F.O.I.A. information from the City of Chicago. Try to get information on certain contractors and contracts and the city dummies up. (good mob training). Pictured from left is Patrick McDonough, Bryan Doyle, and J. Terrence Brunner. Mr. Brunner is a tireless advocate for open, and honest government. I am happy to report we will open up this site to accomidate the Aviation Integrity Project. We are also preparing a video media section that will be called “Connecting the Dots”, a multi-part video series that exposes the corruption at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Chicago Politics, Contracts, and Chicago’s interference into Suburban Politics. Attention Whistleblowers: leave a confidential message for Terry Brunner at 1-312-527-6962. Or mail: Terry Brunner, Project Director, Aviation Integrity Project, 351 West Hubbard Street, Suite 300 Chicago, Illinois 60010. I am glad I met these Chicago Crime Fighters many years ago. Mr. Brunner’s clout rating: High Clout, High Class.