The Summer House in Now Complete

summer house.jpg
I am happy to report the Summer House is now a completed project. In case you have been wondering why I have not been full bore on the Chicago Bad guys, I have been here. I am now ready to get down to business on all the Shakman Violations and we are getting ready to prepare for more shows staring Frank Avila, Jr., an American Hero.
Pictured are my sons. Do you like this house, I am proud of all the work I did to it. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago's Bosley Park Flooded

Chicago Bosley Park.jpg
On July 8, 2007, the Chicago Department of Water Management responded to yet another open fire hydrant. All afternoon, we saw kids playing in the streets, and parents that allowed kids to laying in the curbs, to cool down. We need to remove the tires on the Fire Hydrant A.S.A.P. This is Bosley Park, part of the Chicago Park District. Some kids had opened the Fire Hydrants flooding and damaging the park. Neighbors were following me around with video cameras, and demanding why it took so long to turn the fire hydrant off. Some kids were verbally assaulting my crew, but we said nothing back and completed our tasks. We need to make open hydrants a top priority. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Fire Hydrant left unattended

Open Fire Hydrant.jpg
Chicago Department of Water Management needs to find who is opening our Chicago fire hydrants. I suspect someone has the special hydrant key, opens the hydrant, and after the kids are done playing, the hydrant is left open, flooding the street. Make sure you call 911 if you see someone opening the Hydrants. Take pictures, write down the licence plates. We cannot waste water in this day and age. In one incident, we were verbally assaulted by some residents that said, “All the money has been spent on downtown”. “Where do our kids have to play’, said another man. I did not include the swear words. Three lady police officers came to our rescue. The damage was so bad to the fire hydrant, I could not turn it off. On a personal note, I agree with the anger of the south and west side kids that have no operational, safe park. I suggest all the Black and Hispanic parents, bring your kids to the rich areas of the city with nice parks, like Norwood Park, maybe that will get some attention to the parks in the blighted areas. I feel bad for the parents that feel the only option is to open a hydrant. But remember, the policies are determined at the ballot box, who did you vote for? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Fire Hydrant Vandals Flood Cars

Fire Hydrant Vandals.jpg
On July 8, 2007, some children from Mayor Daley’s 27th and State Projects, opened fire hydrants and splashed water into the cars passing by with open windows, immediately flooding the cars. When attempting to shut down these hydrants, I always attempt to shut down without an incident. This kid pictured, pulled out some “Grills”, put them on his front teeth, and sat on the hydrant. I called for the Chicago Police for back-up and the large crowd dispersed. This Chicago fire hydrant need a “Custodian” safety device to stop millions of gallons of wasted water. Work safe, Chicago Department of Water Management. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Four Year Old killed near open Chicago Fire Hydrant

Open Chicago Fire Hydrant.jpg
On July 8, 2007, a young four year old was run over by a SUV. Please read this story, click here: Thank you ABC 7 Chicago for this important video. Many Chicago Children have been injured by open fire hydrants and the injuries are not reported because they are engaged in illegal activities. I was not surprised that many of the open fire hydrants did not have the “Custodian” devices that make it more difficult to turn the water on. I was part of the additional three crews added to help shut off the the fire hydrants in the central district alone. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has downed the North and South District Hydrant Trucks, and in sworn testimony insisted the trucks were not needed. (More on this later) The condition on the fire hydrants in Chicago need to be addressed by a competent person. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley's Beaches are loaded with filth

Please be careful if you enter Mayor Daley’s Chicago Beaches. You could come down with diseases.
CHICAGO (AP) – Chicago officials lifted their beach closures today, after shutting down five city beaches because of high levels of E. coli bacteria found in the water.
So far this summer, there have been at least 14 closings at Chicago beaches. That’s compared with only three during the same period last year. The number of advisory alerts, which feature a yellow flag to indicate a higher risk of illness while still allowing beaches to stay open, has risen to 41 this year. That’s up from 25 last year.
Two beaches have swimming advisories today.
The four-fold increase this year in Chicago-area Lake Michigan beach closings has city officials and ecological experts puzzled.
A Chicago Park District spokeswoman says high temperatures, a few periods of excessive rain and sea gull waste may have contributed to the problem
Did you ever get the feeling Mayor Daley’s “Green” Eco-friendly policy is nothing but hog wash? Patrick McDonough.

Back on the Water Soon.

Michael's boating friends.jpg
“Deep Water”, my awesome boat in still under repair. I was happy to spend the day on 7-7-07, with my son Michael and my brother-in-law Steve. We had a wonderful day in Wisconsin, the weather is perfect, the company was first rate. Michael had fun tubing with these beautiful ladies, two of which are in college. I like the shadow effect in this picture. Our 7th annual boat and brat, will happen soon. This will not be called the “North District Boat and Brat anymore, I will call it the, “Water Department Boat and Brat. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Daley to continue privatization as expected

Here is how the new hiring system will work. One of Daley’s friends or family is starting a company. Daley will give the “Independent Hiring Contract” to again make sure the “Right Employee” gets the edge. Each department head knows which candidate to promote, (because they are patronage hires themselves), and the system continues as before. Please note: like other companies we will review, if they get caught doing the Mayor’s wishes, their contract will have the taxpayers liable. Please tell me what happened to all the promotions posted in the Department of Water Management, nothing became of it. Also, I am concerned because the Shakman Monitors are not posting any cases or progress they are making, why not? This is Taxpayer money, right? This seems like a secret agency doing as they desire. This is Mayor Daley in a nutshell, he is a power freak. Patrick McDonough
City Hall to keep hiring authority, Daley says
By Gary Washburn
Tribune staff reporter
July 8, 2007
Mayor Richard Daley acknowledged Friday that he plans to privatize some hiring functions now performed at City Hall, but he said his administration will continue to make hiring decisions.
The Tribune reported in Friday’s editions that the city recently asked companies interested in overseeing some personnel functions to submit their qualifications. The request came as a court-appointed monitor continues to watch personnel decisions to ensure compliance with the federal Shakman decree, which prohibits political hiring for most city positions.
A federal investigation resulted in convictions last year of a senior mayoral aide and several other top officials for their parts in a fraudulent hiring and promotion scheme designed to reward people who performed political work. Meanwhile, as part of a settlement of the Shakman patronage case, the Daley administration has agreed to pay $12 million to people who were passed over for jobs or promotions in favor of candidates with political connections.
“We are looking for [help with] specialized areas — standardized tests, development of standardized tests, administration and development of testing, employee training and development, executive talent identification and recruitment,” Daley said. “That’s all.”
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Fast and Furious "Chicago Style"

Fast and Furious.jpg
On July 6, 2007, I was on my way to a job-site for the Chicago Department of Water Management. This fast and furious race-car driver left his car in the middle of the intersection, and the wheel that fell off remained near the curb. Please do not worry, Mayor Daley’s vultures at the Chicago Department of Revenue will tow that car for a hefty fee before you can say “John Daley”. This car was in the intersection of 40th and Artisan. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Happy July 4, 2007

Remember, America was built by heroes that put their life on the line for you and me. Today we celebrate Captain Frank Avila Jr. of the United States Army. Chicago misses Frank Avila while he serves his country unselfishly. We also honor every American Soldier that fights for the rights we take for granted. Happy Birthday Chicago and All America. I salute you and all your family, Patrick McDonough